Wrestle to the final whistle | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

When a child is born into the world a battle begins. He first tries to understand the things going on around and then the huge and amazing people around her who are either talking or laughing away and sometimes carry her. The first battle was to try and get used to those people and that is won after a while. Just immediately the baby thinks she has won the battle of getting used to them then another issue comes up. She soon realizes that these people come and go and there are times when none of them would be in the room with her so another battle of getting used to not having them with her round the clock begins!
She first attempts to fight this new battle by crying ceaselessly and sometimes realize that the cry isn’t working so it’s no use. After trying so hard not to be left alone in some moments then the baby tries to devise a means of out of loneliness. She sees all these people coming and going and she really wants to be able to move like that so she attempts to start crawling. From there she learns about obstacles on the way and falling down from trying to walk.
This just shows that from the beginning of our lives to the end of our lives it’s going to be from one battle to the other. From being a baby to becoming a young child there will be battles in our minds and lives. From being a child to trying to get an education there will be battles in our minds and lives. From getting and education to trying to make a living in a career there will be battles in our minds and lives.
A school kid battles with getting good grades and some others are battling with dropping out of school either as a result of poverty or character issues. A graduate battles with getting a job or remaining jobless for a long time and some others battle with starting their businesses even when there is no adequate capital to execute ideas. When we finally get through all of these then we come to the social status battles where people begin to brag about who lives in what area or who drives what brand of car. The women go into the egotistic talks about where you do your shopping or what salon you go into. Sometimes these talk sound as serious as national issues only for you to realize, usually after everyone is worn out, that it was all about the ego. Some people even take it further and talk about where I spend my vacation that you cannot afford to go to or what airline I fly in and what class I pay for as if to say that the business, economy or first class in the plane have different arrival times.
Some of them will make a lot of sense to us and we may choose to fight these ones with all the energy and passion that we have but some of them may not. In some cases, the battles that do not seem to make a lot of sense to us are the ones that come at us with strong subtlety. These battles usually never show up like emergencies but they always show up and when they do we are likely to wave a hand and think that’s all we should do. It’s only after the deed is done that a lot of people realize the potential and impact of what they have overlooked.
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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