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The last second of your life may not have been what you wanted it to be. Even though that one didn’t go according to plan, you can make the next second go according to plan and let it deliver to you what you want. How can you achieve that? The best way to do that is to write your future! What does it mean to write your future and how exactly can you write your future? Do you remember seeing an invoice? Well, you probably see one everyday in your office. On the invoice, the person supplying some goods to you tells you what goods to expect, the quantity or quality and the cost of getting those goods. If possible, they also tell you when to expect the goods and give you an assurance that all goods are in good condition! In a way, that’s writing the future for you! You have not seen the goods but you know what to expect! If what you get is different from what’s on the invoice, you protest!
That’s exactly what should happen in our lives as well. Many of us have not considered that it is important to write our future. And because we don’t write our future we take anything that the future presents to us. You have no right to protest in life when you have not actually made any demand out of life! Before anyone builds a house, you get a design for the building! That’s like writing the future of the land. Telling yourself and anyone who cares to listen what the bare land will become under six months or one year or many years to come. When you begin to build and the building does not come according to what you have designed then you will know that something is wrong and will also know what to correct. You will never know what to correct in a situation where there is no design that you are working with.
You have to write your future and not leave it blank like so many people do. Take for instance, when people have worked and have acquired some resources in life, they are expected to write a will. The will according to the law, because it is a legal document, will state how the property of the owner must be shared or used after his death. That is a way to write the future. You say what will happen after you are dead while you are still alive but that’s not my focus here. That is not the reason I am asking you to write the future. I am asking you to create in your mind the things you will like to see happen while you are still alive.
Okay, let’s make this very practical now. Pause for a moment to get a pen and a plain paper. Write at the top of the paper ‘My Future.’ If you are not yet married, describe the wonderful man or woman you will want to wake up with every morning. Describe the kind of intelligent and great kids you would have. Take it a step further, write the kind of businesses you would like to start or buy into. List the organisations you will like to donate to. Describe the kind of people who will be your friends in 20 years time. As for me, my friends will be Governors of states in different countries, Presidents of Nations and king makers across the globe.
Don’t take this for granted. Writing your future is a great way to predetermine the results you will get in life. If you write nothing, you take anything that comes your way. If you also write something, life is compelled to obey! Begin today by writing what you want out of life, take small steps daily and watch them come to pass!
You truly can determine what to get out of life but you have to do that by writing your own future! Write your future now!
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