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For most people, they think that they are in business to make money and you can tell by the way they render their business services. They are more after the money than the satisfaction of the customers they are supposed to be serving. Why do you think someone people say that customer is king or that the customer is always right? It is because you are in business to serve those that are referred to as your customers. You should never act like you were the one who raised the money for the business and so you don’t care what the people think. They can go anywhere else as far as you are concerned. That’s is not how business is done.
If you must start a business at all then you need to understand what it is to serve people. One of the most important reasons you should start a business is to serve other people. I know people say you are in business to make money but if you are in business and your business does not serve other people then you will not be able to make money. If you tell me you can do something that I cannot do then I will be willing to pay you for it. I am not paying you just because you are the only one who can do it but most likely because you are the one who has shown interest in serving me.
There are too many businesses that have begun to make money now and they no longer thing they should respect the opinion of the customers. Regardless of how much money you have made either in the short time you have started or over the years, you still must serve people. I remember that when I teach people on starting a business, one of the most important questions we ask is, ‘what need can you meet?’ It actually means how can you serve the people in your area? There must be something everyone needs. The only people who will be able to make money off the needs of other people are those who are ready to serve.
What happens when you start serving is that you start making money. The more you serve the more money you make but when you think you have arrived and have made a lot of money, you will realize suddenly that things will change. You must remain in service no matter how big your business grows. If you walk into some organizations that understand professional customer service, they will ask you, ‘how may we serve you sir?’ Some others will say ‘how can we help you? In fact, if you look at the word customer service, I will simply define it as serving the customers!
One other important thing about serving someone is that you do not just serve them anyhow. You serve them the way they want to be served. You serve them until they are satisfied. You ask them what they want, when they want it, where they want it and how they want it. When you serve people well then you can expect them to return to your business place for another excellent or royal service. If the people are satisfied with your excellent or royal service then you have done well.
In all that you do, always remember that you are in business to serve people and serving them to satisfaction is the only way you are going to make money.
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