You are more important than your mistake | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

While it is an easy thing to define people by the mistakes that they have made in life, we must come to terms with the fact people are more important than the mistakes they have made. You also may have made some serious mistakes in life. You should realize that you are more important than those mistakes that you have made.
Why is it so important to let people realize that they are more important than the mistakes they have made? If we are not careful, we begin to judge and also limit ourselves because of those past mistakes. We even define our future by the mistakes of the past.
Don’t let the mistakes of the past determine your future. That you made a mistake does not mean you are not better than the perception of the people around you.
Sometimes as students, when we go into the examination halls, we make mistakes for one reason or the other. The teachers or examiners will be forced to judge us based on the mistakes that we made or the ones that we didn’t make. When they score us, they will score us based on the mistakes that we made.
Unfortunately, some of those teachers will come to class to celebrate the ones who seem to make fewer mistakes and condemn, in strong terms, those who have many too many “unpardonable” mistakes. They may even go on to say that the ones who had good scores are the ones that will rule the world. They will go on to become the presidents of the various nations of the world.
Over the years, life has proved them wrong. We have had people referred to as “unintelligent” turning out to become some of the most intelligent professors we have in the world. A few of them have turned out to be the world’s most significant inventors. These people turned out this way because they did not allow their mistakes to define them even though their teachers saw them and defined them by their mistakes.
You have one great choice to make. It is also a very simple one. It is to either accept the fact that you are a lot bigger than the mistakes you have made and the ones you are making or to let people define you by those mistakes.
While I can’t make your choice for you, I still have a responsibility to let you know that there is so much on the inside of you. If we can see into your future, all the people around you will see that one of their greatest mistakes is to think that you have failed or that you are a failure because of one or two mistakes.
I am not saying that you should ignore your mistakes. Sometimes, the twist to success is for us to make mistakes and learn the most significant lessons that those mistakes have to offer us. That simply means you will get to some levels in life, the mistakes you make will be the most significant tool for the next phase that you are going to. So if you don’t make that mistake you may never learn what you need to be equipped with.
If you ever make a mistake, take it as a lesson for life and a tool needed to progress. Don’t beat yourself down because of that mistake and ensure the mistake does not keep you down. No matter how big the mistake is, you are more important than that mistake. That is the way you should also see other people. They can make mistakes but don’t always limit them to their mistakes in life.

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