You are not an abandoned project | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

You are not an abandoned project | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
Today, I have the confidence to tell you that you are not an abandoned project because God has no abandoned project. Your existence was Gods idea and not the result of any mans ability to reproduce or any womans fertility. Your existence is also not the mistake of some delinquents who came together to have fun and are now telling you that your birth was a mistake. They were the ones who make a mistake regarding their action but God never made a mistake about allowing you to be born!
Whoever told you, probably your parents, that your birth was an accident should remember that God could have made them barren and would not have been able to produce. I make bold to say to you that you are not the product of a leaking condom like some people may have told you. Whatever happened at the time you were born to make it look like you were not supposed to be born is a proof of the fact that destiny cannot be stopped especially when the hands of God are involved.
You were a brilliant idea in the mind of God and your birth was his pet project. Human beings may have abandoned projects and institutions or governments may have abandoned project but there is nothing that God has started which he does not have the capacity to finish! In fact, it really interests me when I read the Bible or hear it quoted and it say, He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thats one of the greatest assurance, I think, that the Bible ever gave to us. We know that God will not get us half way into a roller coaster ride and leave us hanging in there without the ability to help us!
You can leave your life in the hands of God and forget about any other thing around you. Its very possible to sleep like a baby when you know that its God thats in charge of the situation you are in. whenever I remember that I am Gods project I am just so happy that the only thing that will happen is for me to be completed. The God in question is the one that knows the end from the beginning. He himself was speaking and He said, I know the thoughts that I think towards you. They are thoughts of good and not of evil to give you a future and an expected end. To have an expected end means I already have in mind how you were designed to end up.
I cant be stranded when I am totally yielded! And by that I mean being totally yielded to the God who was the one that started the process of my existence. When you let God be in charge them He will prove to you that you have nothing to worry about. God is not in charge of a part of our lives! He is in charge of everything provided we are not holding back from him.
Things may not seem to be working out as you expect them to right now but I want you to always remember something very simple. You are Gods project and simply because of that, you cannot be an abandoned project. God has not started what He does not have the capacity to finish. Now you have something to shout about! Common, you are Gods special project and you are bound to be a success. There other part is that you are not just going to be a success, you are going to be an excellent success!
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