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When you have to travel a long distance, occasionally the road will be lonely! It does not mean you’re on the wrong path! Some people judge what is right for them to do or what is wrong for them to do based on the acceptance of other people. They go with the popularity contest and accept what’s in vogue as the only right thing to do. If that is the way you have been living your life you will end up just trying out only the popular things and on the long run you will realize that the popular things will not lead you anywhere! You will end up trying to do what other people have done and may never arrive at your own destination.
Your life is different and you cannot live it the way others are living their lives. There are things you need to do that will get you to your desired heights in life but those things will not be done by seek acceptance from others. That’s why I started out by saying that sometimes when you have to travel a long distance, the road can become lonely but it does not mean you are on the wrong path! If you conclude that you are on the wrong path just because the road is lonely then it means that you have always followed the crowd and you never knew where you where going in the first place.
When you know where you are going in life, the number of people who are willing to go with you or are not willing to go with you will not matter. The only thing that will matter for you is the fact that you know where you are going and are on the right track. You should be more concerned about remaining on the right path, watching out for where you are going so that you know when you have arrived and arriving there safely.
Life is very funny and one of the things you will learn about life is that those who are confused about what they really want to do with their lives will take the lead in popularity contests. They will be bold enough to start and uproar and charge the people to move on! When you try to understand what they are moving onto them you see they never knew what they were doing at all! So when you join the popularity contest you will realize you are being led by a confused person.
Take your time and think about your own journey! You and those other people on the road did not set out at the same time and obviously do not have the same destination. It therefore means that you will not maintain the route all through on the road. Don’t look at other people’s turning on the road of life and decide immediately that you are on the wrong path because Mr. A turned left. It is possible you also have to turn left but you may not be at the junction where you have to turn left yet!
If you do not know where you are going in life, you will conclude your destination going by other people’s decisions on the road of life. It is important you decide where you are actually going and must stay on that route regardless of how boring it is because it is the destination that counts, not the route to the destination. Fola Daniel Adelesi
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