You are the hope of your nation | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Today in several nations we find people so are so disappointed in their leaders especially regarding the way they are going about the policy making and the governance of the nation. It looks as if some very critical issues are not being addressed and some other issues that seem so simple are just not being handled well and we find it very hard to understand why such things that are so simple cannot just be fixed without any protocol or unnecessary politics being involved in the process of national delelopment?
At several points I have also taken a good look at my own multi-racial country and I am almost overwhelmed by the things that are going on but I also easily remember that I am part of the hope of the country so I just begin to think about what role I can play in ensuring that I don’t just go down in history as just a figure in the population of the country instead of being a force to reckon with.
I must admit that we cannot change a system by destroying the same system because there is no way destruction can pass the message of change across to the people in government and like some of our previous leaders on the issues of national development, we will never result to violence to change a nation because it is just not the way to go! Martin Luther King tried it and it worked for the nation so we can also continue in the path of persistent resistance to the evil being practised in any nation that we live and constantly lend our voices to the ongoing conversations that shape our nation. At some point it may seem like no one has heard us or like no one will ever hear us but when you are talking to a crowd you never can tell who’s in the crowd. When you also speak and your voice echoes you never can tell who is hearing the echoes of your consistent voice! At some point I also think it does not matter whether it is your full voice that was heard or the echoes of your voice because at the end of the day, the message will count more that the deepness of the voice.
For us to become the real hope and ‘saviours’ of our nation I think we need to pay attention to some more salient issues that go beyond the inability of the government to provide basic health facilities or good roads or insurance or provide housing for the nation. We need to come to the knowledge of the fact that a nation cannot be fixed when corruption has become a culture not only within the leadership system but in the entire cadre of the country! Some issues have to be attended to from the top and we have to deal with it down to the lowest person but when we look at the root cause of the madness going on in some of our nations then we will also realize that it’s not just dealing with issues from the top, we also have to deal with issues from the bottom because at the end of the day it is those at the bottom that will rise to the top.
Many have said that a nation deserves the kind of leaders that it gets but that is not my debate for now. I want to preoccupy myself with the fact that we cannot afford to sit down and watch things go by just like that. When we look at the way we run our businesses locally then you will also have an idea of what our leadership will be. Leadership begins from somewhere and it usually start very little so it is easy for us to forget the very little things. That’s why we mostly do not talk much about those mismanaging people they have employed and the offices they have been told to handle. If only we know that poor national leadership begins from those little places then we will not take things with levity again! We need to start from where we are and change the orientation of the people around us. We must change our personal attitudes towards the people we are to lead! We must not treat people as though they are animals or insignificant!
The only way we will truly change things is to ensure excellence at the lower levels and make it a culture then continue to let it grow that way until excellence becomes a national issue. We can’t sit and watch a few people destroy a nation that belongs to all of us and we must begin to build what has been referred to as ‘Zero Tolerance’ for wrong doings in our nation.
We can also make our nations better places just by discovering our purposes and fulfilling the purpose. Some, by the discovery of their purposes have helped the unemployment in the nation and have also contributed to the development of the nation. Always remember that you are the hope of your nation and you will have to do your own part to make it a better place instead of just talking and condemning everyone who does not do things the right way! Remember that the one who knows what is right and does not do it unto him it is a sin!

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