You are your own biggest limitation | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

As soon as we hear of limitations, we are thinking about several other things other than ourselves. The definition of limitations for many people can be summarised as an external force limiting us from achieving what needs to be achieved.
While this summarised definition looks real and acceptable, it is also a bit far from the truth. What is on the outside might be able to stop us for a while but when the things on the inside us don’t stop us, nothing on the outside can successfully stop us.
The resources you don’t have may not be your real limitations. The resolve to get that that education or start that business may be the real limitation. The helpers you don’t have may not be your real limitations. The willingness to keep doing things right and putting in all the effort till effort comes might be the limitation stopping you.
If you are not willing to be stopped, the truth is that nothing can stop you. There is an African proverb that says, ‘any tree stump that wants to stop the elephant from getting to the river will eventually follow the elephant to the river.’ You and I know that the elephant is strong and unstoppable by trees. The elephant will pull down that tree. I think of you as that elephant that has the capacity to pull down any tree stump, except the ones you really want to spare!
We think of limitations as the things we don’t have or the gifts that we are not blessed with. For too many people, limitation is the skill they don’t have or the country they were not born into. They will tell you how they did not get help or how something they really looked forward to didn’t work out. They will also talk about the expected good life they would have been living if their expectations worked out well.
Stop all of that. It is not the external force that is stopping you. There is a force within you and it is called willingness. Once the force of willingness is activated in any person, the person becomes unstoppable. No physical condition can stop someone whose force of willingness has been activated. Negative words around will only try but can’t stop such a person.
Have you been thinking about why you are not able to proceed? Did you start pointing fingers to some people as the cause of your delay or stagnation? Well you can point to every other person but their share of the blame can’t be as big as yours. Let’s make this easier. If there are a million and one people ganging up against you, all their efforts will probably come to thirty percent (30%) and yours, the thing you are doing or refusing to do will be seventy percent (70%).
It doesn’t matter what you say or what you think you have been through, your biggest limitation is you and you need to deal with that. Take responsibility for your life and move forward. If you don’t, you will just keep moving around in circles.   

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