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Have you ever met people who say they don’t want too much from life? It’s these kinds of people who think that what happens around them does not really matter so long as they are alive and they have three meals to eat per day, cloths to wear and a job that just pays their regular bills. You need to come to terms with the fact that life has a lot more to offer but life’s offerings will only be available to those who are willing to take them. Jim Rohn once said that ‘Asking is the beginning of receiving. Make sure you don’t go to the ocean with a teaspoon.’
When I hear some people talk, I can tell they are the kinds of people going to the ocean with teaspoons. There is so much in stock for you and you should never ever think that there is not enough to go round for everyone! I even think that some of the people who claim they don’t want much out of life are those people who really believe that life does not have enough to go round fro everyone.
If we are going to take a look at this issue from another perspective, it is a selfish person who also says he or she does not want much out of life. When you have more than you need you can begin to consider other people and give them from your abundance. Life is not just about you and everything should not stop at what you want or what you don’t want. That you do not want something does not mean it cannot come through you to other people. You should see the bigger picture and ask for more out of life. When you have more you stand a chance of being a big blessing to other people.
You were designed to gain so much out of this life. I wish that you could just watch a film in 3D showing the life of someone who is so blessed and has a lot of things in life. This person uses the influence, power and authority available at will to help other people a meaning of their lives, gives them food, empowers them and goes ahead to leave a lasting legacy for generations yet unborn. This person also has enough resources to be a blessing to not just his community but his country. This person lends to nations and some other countries come to him to borrow money and to seek counsel for the implementation of their policies. At the end of the film in 3D someone now walks out of a room that looks like a palace and that person is you! Imagine what you would feel like when the world remembers that you were the one who gave a donation for research leading to the cure of HIVAIDS or leading to the prevention of cancer and the eradication of malaria and polio in Africa.
There is more to life than just wanting to get a good degree and a good job! At best, that makes you the servant of someone for the rest of your life when you do not think about how you can also get more out of life and help others achieve their dreams! If you have never asked for too much out of life, it is like have a will left for you by your late father or mother or even grand parents. You have come of age and can now access the will but you have refused to claim the things that the will bequeaths to you! Not claiming the will does not make you modest or humble. As a matter of fact, it makes you foolish! What makes you seemingly modest is for you to claim the content of the will in terms of properties or money and you may then decide to give to the poor or need!
I believe that so much has been reserved for you in life and as Jim Rohn said in the quote above, you should never go to the ocean with a teaspoon. Go out there and ask for more! Get more out of life and use it to impact the lives of people positively. When you have more you can be more useful to yourself, useful to the society and useful to your nation! There is no humility in not claiming what has been reserved for you and allowing it to go to waste! Fola Daniel Adelesi
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