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When you hear some people talking you will be amazed at the level of poverty they associate with themselves in order to gather sympathy but if you take a real look at their lives you will realize that things are not as bad as they have painted them! Some people will always say, ‘we the masses or we the less privileged or even we the poor’ and you wonder how on earth they expect to get a better life apart from what they have been saying about themselves! While some people speak poverty you will also find those who speak abundance and that’s all they ever get. For those who speak abundance, they just come to terms with the fact that they may not truly have all the needed resources but at some point something will happen and what they need will come their way!
When you begin to harness the power of the invisible you can command anything into visibility and you will never have to worry about getting any again in your life. In talking about using the power of the invisible or intangible, I always emphasize that these ideologies are never intended to discourage hard work or smart work but to help you understand that you can be working very hard and still be struggling hard at the same time. It is the general belief that if you work hard you will become rich but there are those who really don’t seem to be working hard and they make far more than all those who use up a lot of energy trying to get their job done.
You need to start thinking differently and realize that you can actually get anything you want! Whatever you desire can come your way and all that you have imagined can become a reality! Instead of worrying about why things are not better than they are right now you should be engaging your mind envisaging things that can happen in your life and things that can happen for you. I have seen people who believe that they can achieve anything and while running with that mindset they truly achieve all that they have set out to achieve. In some cases, some of them achieve even more than they set out to achieve not always because they have the resources to do things but because they have the mind that can pour a lot of energy into anything they want to do!
You may have been deceived or you may have also deceived yourself about who you are and where you are. You may have also erroneously concluded that you cannot amount to anything or get anything good out of life but I need to let you know that you are like that because that’s the way you think! I have gotten some privileges in my life that I truly cannot explain how they happened but I can remember that I have always believed I could get the things or opportunities that such privileges bring. What exactly are you thinking about right now? Is it the money you don’t have or the ability that you don’t have? Stop it! Start thinking about what you would like to have and how to get it! Again, as I always say, don’t just wish for something but make the move to get those things that you desire! There’s a stronger probability that the door will open to you when you move close compared to when you stand at a distance just saying the door is locked! You can get anything! Just think about it!
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