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There are too many of us who seem to always underrate the level of impact that we can make in our society and that includes you and I. Too often we do things and really have no idea how much impact our activities have on the lives of other people. Over the years I have come to learn that there is a young man watching me or a young woman watching all the things I do and secretly wants to be like me or you. You just can’t tell who is watching and the more people are watching the more impact you can make! Tony Robbins once said, ‘The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.’
Maybe we need to expand the imagination to see how big your impact and my impact can be. Once we are done with the expansion of the imagination then we will have more commitment to impacting the lives of people. Imagine that you work in an organization with 20 people reporting to you. Potentially you have the chance to impact the lives of 20 people and remember that those 20 people come from a family. What that also means is that you have another chance to impact the lives of 20 families just by your actions and opinions. Your organisation may not have up to 20 people but just fix in your own numbers and imagine the direct effect your actions have on those people and their families. In some cases, some of those people have no idea of what leadership entails and you are probably their first contact with leadership. If you are their first contact with leadership then they will form an opinion of leadership just by what you do.
If we bring it back home then we can look at the fact that you have younger ones or cousins or neighbours who live with you. If you think about the fact that they go to school then you will also need to bear in mind that what you teach them is what they take with them to school to teach their peers. It’s a lot easier in these days of social media when what you say can go on the social media in just a few seconds and it can go viral.
You are a strong point of impact and must never forget that fact. Everything you do impacts other people in one way or the other and those other people go on to impact the lives of other people. If you are a writer or a speaker then you even stand the chance to impact more people through your writing and your speeches delivered to different audiences. You have the rare privilege of helping people to form their opinions, shape their mind sets and ultimately determine their destiny.
What I now want you to consider is that if you have been impacting the lives of people unconsciously, you can do a lot more if you commit to it and also bear in mind that your impact is limitless. Think well about all those things you are doing and their chances of impacting people. It could be your personal business, career or even your life as a member of a family or as the parent in the family. Now with the internet at your beck and call, expand your mind and just think of what you are doing and how you can use it to impact the lives of other people. Keep exploring, keep thinking right and keep impacting people. Fola Daniel Adelesi
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