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Sometimes many of us think that we can’t do so much for other people but when we look around very well we will find that we are in a position to make way for other people to achieve their dreams or become more successful in life. We need to constantly look for how to become way makers and create room for other people to do more or be more productive in life. There were people who made way for you and that’s how you got to where you are in the first place so you must also make way for others. You should never say, ‘oh, I succeeded all by myself!’ someone somewhere that you may not even know about already gave a recommendation that probably led to your promotion! It is also possible that someone just said something nice about you and that’s why you got the job or the big contract!
There are too many people out there who are struggling to succeed and they will never share their connections with another person. When they are in a position to give a recommendation they will always say they can’t do it because they just have a problem with doing something that only benefits others and not them directly! You need to remember, just as someone already said, that ‘what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you too.’
Be a way maker for other people! Always be willing to share information that will help people succeed with them. When you know that someone needs a recommendation and the person can be trusted then you should do it! You should think about the fact that when you are passing recommendations for other there could be someone somewhere who is also passing some recommendations that you need. There are people who respect you and will take your word at any time! You may need to leverage on the respect that some people have for you in order to help other people. I have not said that you should take undue advantage of your influence with others to command them to do things for you! You should only put in a word and you never can tell how far your word can go for other people.
As human beings we will all need way makers in our lives! We will not know everyone we need to know when we first start out but there will be someone who knows us who can recommend us to the people we need and that’s how we are going to succeed. If we want that to happen for us it is also very important for us to become way makers for other people because the more we become way makers for others the faster our own way makers will surface and make way for us.
How many people have you made way for! Have you ever helped anyone to achieve greatness or success? Have you ever helped anyone to live a more comfortable life even though you have the resources to do so? It’s just like the contrary principle of leadership which is about the fact that if you want more power you have to delegate the one you already have! I will say again that if you want more opportunities coming your way then you have to make opportunities for others or disclose to others those opportunities that will turn their lives around!
Go about your business from today bearing in mind that it is important to be a way maker so that you can also get your own way makers!
Think on these things!
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