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A few days ago I saw a picture and it was the image of a giant tree that fell across a pathway. The people who needed to use that pathway could have seen it as a big challenge because they would not be able to lift the tree. They probably did not have all the sophisticated machines that can lift anything but they made the most of the situation.
What did they do? I should say they thought outside the box. Usually when a tree falls across a road the only thing most of us think about is to lift that tree. We think that the problem is only solved when the tree has been lifted. That’s why we are always troubled until that tree is lifted.
In this case the people involved decided not to life the tree. They wanted to make the most of the situation. They took a good look at this giant tree that had fallen on the road and just began to chop it off gradually. By the time they were done with the chopping, they had converted the tree into a mini tunnel. So you don’t have to think about driving around the tree or waiting for the tree to be lifted. You just drive through it.
You may have some challenges you are going through right now but I can assure you that there are creative things to do with those challenges. There are creative things you can do with those things you call limitations and once you do them, those who thought they should pity you will eventually envy you.
I have share the story of a great man who is physically challenged before. It was after he went blind that he went back to school. He didn’t stop at just going to school but went as far as getting a doctorate degree.
One of the things you have to think about is that you can position yourself to challenge those who intend to sympathize with you because of your limitations and challenges. You remove yourself from those they can throw their pity-party for.
We may cry about our challenges and limitations because we are human beings. That is perfectly normal. The other side to it is that we have a choice regarding what we let the situation make of us or what we make of the situation.
There are people who would not have been known if they had no challenges. When the challenges came, they turned it around and it is because of their challenges that they are now known as celebrities all around the world.
You are too blessed and too loaded to become the object of ridicule or to become a burden on other people because of the challenges that you have. When you are faced with a challenge, you can look inward and you will see that the challenges or limitations have a way of bringing out the best in your.
I think there are three sets of people in life when it comes to challenges and limitations. There are those who turn around and make the most of it. There are those who fall under the situation and become a burden by asking for a pity party. You also have those who will not face the situation at all because they let it kill them or they commit suicide over what can be fixed.
When challenges come or you are faced with a limitation, you need to bear in mind that these things can turn on your creativity from the deepest part of your soul. You so have a challenge to respond to creativity and not be broken or become absolutely limited because of challenges.

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