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Going by the things we have seen about depression, it is obvious that it will always be a phase. It is not a permanent thing so you can go through it and more importantly, win over it. It was defined as a state of the mind. It can be cause because of job loss or pregnancy and some other life issues.
It does not even matter what definition has been given to it. What matters is the fact that you can get over those things that are keeping you depressed. I simply want to say that depression is the proof that life’s situations have gotten to you. being in that depressed state is showing the sign of helplessness.
In some of my recent posts I did say that depression is the evidence of hopelessness. Why is that? I think it is simple. When things happen to us and we can control them, we most likely will not become sad about them. If they are things that will cause some setbacks for us but we will be back on track shortly, we might be sad about that. When the issues now degenerate into something we can’t fix easily or it looks like we just will not be able to get help and fix it, we gradually begin to feel weak from the mind.
So many argue that depression is solely a clinical illness and I will do a post shortly on that. From all the other things I have checked out, including information on from Wikipedia, depression starts with the mood or the mind. I do acknowledge that it can be a clinical illness but that’s a subject for another time.
The purpose here is to prove that you can win over depression. You may have lost certain important things. Those things may have meant the world to you and it just may look like you have no world without them.
When a loss occurs, there is the potential for another loss. The first loss may have been physical but if not overcome, the loss may extend to the mind. There are people who are nearly losing their minds and that’s because of something they have already lost.
Don’t be caught off in life just because of what you have already lost. You have lost that already and you should not lose you joy, your peace or your mind. If you do then you are probably going to be thinking about suicide and may ultimately lose your mind.
There is nothing you have lost before now that you cannot gain back. In fact you can gain much more than you have already lost.
One of the ways I think that we can make sure we never even get into depression in the first place is to ensure that we don’t become too attached to anything. When we are too attached to some things they can take our minds with them when they are gone. There should be nothing you own that you can’t detach from. I understand that we can get comfortable in life and the feeling that comes with the realization of losing the comfort.
If for whatever reason you see that you have lost something and you could not help it, one of the things you must do is to ensure you are never alone. To win over depression you need to see or understand that depression thrives in isolation. It’s not only about being with people, it is about being with people who can feed your mind correctly and help you stay in a good mood. Even if you will seek clinical help, I think the doctors will agree with me on this that no amount of drugs will heal a depressed person who is always in isolation.
It’s time to win over the depression if for whatever reason you have been depressed. Get up and find the right company. Stay there until you are certain that being alone is safe for you. 
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