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A simple look at the belief system, utterances and attitude of some people will show you poor people with a poor mindset who are expecting miracle money and just hoping that one day they will be come wealthy! If you intend to become wealthy, you must first reckon with the fact that poverty is very expensive and you must not patronize it. There different attractive ways in which poverty presents itself to people and you have be on the alert to always know that this is a form of poverty so that you will not fall for the trick.
One of the tricks of poverty that I want to deal with today is that of the mind. Everyone who is very poor or just poor has a chance to remain poor or get out of the poverty terrain. And I must say that it is not everyone who is rich today that was born into wealth or had the ready made resources for what they were going to do. Some of them had to change their mind sets and by the time they started thinking differently, they started attracting more wealth to themselves.
I remember reading the story of a young man who was chatting with her mother and he said, ‘maybe we are poor because God wants us to be poor.’ The mother immediately rebuked him and said, ‘we are not poor because God wants us to be poor. We are poor because your father has never made any attempt to be rich!’ That statement changed the life of that child forever. The moment he discovered that, unlike his father, he can choose to be rich, he chose to be rich and the rest as they say is history. He became rich.
Many of us have always believed that we are poor because God does not want to bless us. Some others simply say that they were not destined to be rich. These are things that have set in your minds and are now your mind sets but you have to break their settings. Once you break their settings you will now allow the thoughts of prosperity to begin to set in your minds.
Can you ever become rich? The answer is yes! Why have you not been rich all this while? Well, you have to check your mind because it is one of the principal tools for wealth. What should be my next step now? That’s simple. You need to begin a process of un-learning all the wrong things you have learnt that got you to where you are or that kept you stuck and then begin to learn afresh the right and important things.
It is like formatting your mind and keeping it clean. This time, you are not just going to keep it clean, you will take a step further to install an anti virus in your mind before you begin to take in the new information. The purpose of the anti virus in your mind will be to guide against having any unnecessary information or pollutants from getting into your mind. When you are also trying to learn you must take up information that can translate to wealth! Information that will help your productivity.
You can’t afford poverty! It is too expensive! It does not only keep money out of your way, it strips you of some form of dignity and takes your rights away from you. You may live in a country with a constitution that says you have freedom of association but poverty does not respect that right! It will not let you associate with some of the people you want to associate with! It is when you have money or wealth from your mind that you can also express your freedom of movement! If there is no money you will not be able to go to where you want to! You just can’t afford to be poor!
Start out on a new path today! Decide to be rich. Change your mind set. Break you affiliation with poverty first from your mind and then in reality. You can choose to be rich just as some others have chosen to be poor! Make a choice today!
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