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Many people still make the mistake of thinking that the people they started their journey with are people who must be with them all through the journey of their life. That’s a great mistake and it stems from a misguided thought. If you look at those people very well you will remember that you probably didn’t even know them from the beginning of your life. They came into the picture somewhere along the line. Just as they came into the picture, they may have to fade away.
Corporate organisations make this mistake a lot. They employ someone because someone in the organisation knows that person and that’s the only reason the person was employed. Midway into the job the then realize that they are beginning to have issues and it just may be a little difficult to let this person go. While they are trying to figure out what to do with this person, a few other things are going wrong and costing the organisation something.
If you really want to have a peaceful life, please note that there are some people who will be in your life for a while and only for a purpose. Once they are done, there is no point trying to grow with them to your next level.
Some of these people you are trying to grow with are also the people who can become so familiar with you that they don’t let you get all the respect that you need. They can be a great distraction for you. You will be amazed at how you are trying to do so much but they keep bringing you back.
There are times we get so attached to some people and we just do not want to do away with them even when we are not supposed to grow with them or move on with them. The same was the case with the famous father Abraham in the Bible who went with Lot his nephew when he was instructed to leave where he was. It almost became a problem for him at the end of the day. In fact, the only battle it was recorded that he fought was on account of this nephew of his. The major negotiation deal recorded between him and God was also because of this same man.
You have to relate with people. You have to love. You need to work with them but wisdom demands that you know who to take with you to the next phase of your life. If you think you can go with everyone to the next phase of your life then you are already inviting unnecessary trouble for yourself. Just as your excess luggage will cost you something at airports, those unnecessary people that you are trying to draft into your journey will cost you something. Some of them may cost you a little extra and others may cost you a lot more that you will not quickly recover from.
Be detached and discerning to look at the people around you. If someone is already acting like ‘we’ve come a long way’ and is not acting like we have a long way to go together then you need to start dropping such people. It means they are only there because of how far you have come and not how far you have to go. Your life can’t be dependent on how far you have come! It’s like staying on the past glory.
Those people may be nice. They may have their own visions. They may be good looking but it just does not mean that they will be a part of the future you are going into and so you should not grow with them.
The people you are to grow with are those who have some force to bring into a future synergy. A relationship with them will make you explode. Your potentials come alive. You get things done with ease or in a faster way and you even achieve more. It is also not just about you. As they are dropping great stuff into your life you are also dropping great stuff into their lives.
So stop the sentiments and drop the extra luggage (the unnecessary people) so that you can move faster in life.

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