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In all the things I have written about leadership, one clear thing I have established is the fact that it is not the position you occupy that makes you a leader. And that you are not in a position does not mean you are not a leader. As a matter of fact, it’s the leadership ability in you that gets you the position. So it is also possible that you have the potentials but you are not leading yet
However, there are those who got the position and forgot the ability that got them the position or they just don’t know why they got the position. You can’t afford to mess up leadership because if you don’t get a second chance to fix it, you’ll probably spend the rest of your life fixing the mess you already created.
One of the ways to not mess up leadership is to make sure you don’t lose your ability to dream. Once you lose your ability to dream and to create visions or to hear and see something new then you are no longer fit to be a leader. You will also begin to see chaos among the people that you are leading.
Take a look at what we call revolution in the technological industries around the world. You get a device today and just as you are trying to figure out how to use that device, the manufacturer is already giving you something new to think about. So when you get a mobile device, for example, it’s already outdated within six to twelve months. That is what’s keeping the companies in business. They are always thinking about something new to introduce to us and the consumers always look forward to it. It’s the same thing in the automobile industry.
In your organisation as a leader, whether you are leading a small or a large group, you must be able to dream and to unfold a new phase of the dream. When you have no dream then you can’t give the people something to look forward to. That also means you are losing strength or vigour.
Nations that became great today started out from the dream of a new leader. Each time a great organisation will also start, it begins with someone’s ability to dream. When organisations also get to a phase and they need to break into another big phase, the leader has to dream or get someone else who has gotten a new dream.
Without mincing words, a dream or a vision will keep the leader going and you can say it is one of the very reasons to keep a leader in position. Are you still dreaming as a leader? Do you have anything new to show to your people? Are there pictures you are painting before them?
There was the story of a man who was chosen by God to lead a group of people. So in modern times you can say he was a pastor or a prophet. So many things went wrong so at some point he could not hear God anymore. A young boy was sent to his house to learn from him. God started trying to talk to the young boy but the young boy did not know it was God. He kept going to the old man because he thought that’s the person who was calling him.
After a while the man told him what to say when next the voice comes. Now he knew the way to receive or hear a vision but he already lost it. He could teach another person how to catch a vision but he himself could not catch it anymore.
You need to know that leadership is about taking people to a new destination. If you can’t see the new destination to take them to or the next phase that they should be going to then you don’t have the capacity to lead them anymore.
One other thing you must know about your ability to dream as a leader is that each new dream injects energy into the team that you are leading. The dream creates some excitement and the people raise their own expectations. As they raise their expectations you get a chance to remind them that their commitments need to increase. This way, they don’t feel compelled to do things because they can see a reason to do it.
If you are a leader, make sure you are still dreaming and make that dream happen through effective communication with the people and delegation of tasks to them.

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