You don’t need plenty of ideas to succeed | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Some people are living with the myth that they need to work on all the ideas that they have in order for them to succeed. In my few years of doing business, working with other people and reading the stories of a few others, I can tell emphatically that all you need is one idea.
Now you need to understand how this works. I am not saying you should stick with just one idea all of your life. What it means is that you will only need one, out of the many ideas, to get the breakthrough that you need in life.
All the ideas will look great. You will get the temptation to want to work on all of them at the same time. You will see how promising they are and the levels they can take you to if you start working on them right away.
Unfortunately, it will be a disaster to start working on all the ideas at the same time and also hoping that all of them will give you the same result.
If you can multitask effectively, there is no problem with that, Even though the real definition of multitasking is relative. There several people who claim that they are multitasking but they are simply wasting their time, resources and depleting energy.
When you are ready to get the big break in business, just look at all the ideas that you have in front of you and pick one of them to run with. The trick is for you to know which one of them will give you your first big break in business and to run with that. If you can get it right, you will get your desired break.
That’s how many successful entrepreneurs operate before they start getting involved in some other businesses that we know them for today. It is also possible that they got the ideas for the business that gave them their breaks after some other businesses they had started.
The first business you will start may not be the first one to get you out of troubles. It may be the second or third. And it may also be the very first and only business you will need to do.
One critical thing you must do is to never get stuck with an idea especially if it is not working and you have applied every appropriate principle to make it work.
In my own businesses, I tried a number of things that are connected. So what happens is that when I get a brief for one of the companies, another company that I run ends of benefitting from that brief. It is also one company that brings in the major money and it creates the services or needs the products of those other companies.
Look for that one idea that you need to run with and make that your major focus. Let every other thing come later. If you don’t give your best to that one idea, you will just be running the rat race and hoping to succeed but will never make any head way.
There are so many people out there who are doing all that they know how to do but are still frustrated despite their skills. Just remember that you don’t need several skills or ideas to get a big break. You need only the right one and it is important you also discover this early enough so that you can enjoy the results long enough.

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