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Life is like a football game and several other kinds of games that you cannot afford to play without a game plan and when you do then you have already signed up for failure! When you enter the game without a plan you do not even need to tell anyone that there’s no plan but we just want to play the game! You opponents’ coach can easily observe that you do not have a plan and can strategize more in order to win the game seeing that you do not have a plan! The things that we have to face on daily basis are the opponents we have to meet in life’s games! They don’t actually know if we have a plan or not and they do not know if they can defeat us or not but when they see that we are playing the game without a plan then they know where to hit us and win the game!
Your life is too sensitive for you to just continue to live without a strategic plan for where you are going or what you want to become in life! I have seen several people who do not know what to do with themselves and they feel so relaxed about it! They keep complaining that things are not getting better for them and they really want things to get better but when you start talking to them about a plan for their lives you will realize that they don’t actually have any plan! How can your life get better without a plan? How can you win a game when you have no idea what you really want to do in the game! Life is to philosophical in some cases and it is too strategic in some others! There are places where it would be simply about principles and there are others where all you just need to do is to be still and don’t get confuse but you must not run without a plan!
I have seen people who have wives and children but there is no plan for their lives and they even know that they can be fired from their places of work or that they can be asked to tender their resignation considering their age but they still do not have any plans for their lives. Having a plan is not really about having everything in a perfect layout order such that nothing goes wrong but it does mean that if certain things do not go according to your plan you can quickly adjust and switch to something else!
Where do you need to plan?
You must know what you want to do in life such that it’s what you will still be doing if you have 100 more years to live
There must be a specific plan on how you want to do what you intend to do.
Spell out what to do per time in order to get to where you are going in life.
You need to have performance indicators that will help measure your progress per time
Give time limits to each plan and make it clear what you next line of action will be after achieving the first goal on the plan!
Sometimes you will realize that things may change along the line but what your plan helps you to do is to know what else you can quickly do if something goes wrong! You should never be caught doing anything without a plan just as every footballer gets into the game with a plan! Some get into the game just with the plan to defend and make sure the opposing strikers have very limited access to their goal keepers and some others are just to score for the team. Play your life’s game with a plan and try to stick to the plan then you will realize that it works! I should also quickly counsel that you may need to be very flexible about your plans! A plan may be so good but it may not also be the best plan that can get you to where you are going. At the point when you realize that a plan may be faulty then you have to consider the major goal and think about another plan that can still help you achieve the major goal. The major goal is always the most important thing so you should not fix your plans such that you become too rigid that you cannot move on with the real thing!
Keep planning and keep succeeding!
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