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There are so many people who are back at the very spot that they started from. They are again in front of the cross roads that they had initially crossed. There are those who have registered and started businesses but are back as employees in other people’s companies for the rest of their lives. There are those who have quit smoking but are back with it now. Some have decided not to finish the year without pursuing their significant goals but the year is about to end and nothing has been done about achieving their goals.
These people now have to face the same questions they had been asking themselves long before now. For those who dusted their files and are back in the job market to look for jobs, I know it can be tough to be an entrepreneur and raising funds may seem tough but bowing out should not be an option. So many of us have gone into several things that would have changed the course of our lives but we saw little challenges and turned back because we have not burned the bridge!
I am sure you remember how you started so well. You had an amazing passion. Your energy was very high and the only thing that could have stopped you from achieving the best didn’t seem to exist. Then a few months down the line everyone realizes that you have lost the passion. There those that I know some years back who had that kind of passion. You would expect that they would continue in that line but they just build to a climax and come down suddenly.
Why do people start out on great things and suddenly bow out of the great things that will obviously change their lives? It is because we have not burned the bridge! That also explains why it can be so difficult for some people cut cut of from their parental support for even a larger part of their adult life. While there is nothing wrong with getting support from your parents if the need be, it should not degenerate into totally depending on them as adults.
It really does not matter in what we have been looking back. What we must remember is that when we constantly fail to look forward and burn the bridge behind us, we will not move forward. Once you cross some bridges, you have to burn them and never think about using them again. Do you want to succeed at your business? Well you can’t burn your certificates *wink* and you must not but you must burn the bridge of planning to return to paid employment. Once you keep seeing paid employment as a way out for your business challenges then you will never build that business.
I am so sure that this is only a reminder for you concerning all those things that you know you should have succeeded at. Well, you also know that the only reason you have not succeeded is because you have not burned the the bridge. Now is the time to take the bold step! Stop looking back! Make up your mind at once and go forward! Cross that bridge, burn it and move on! See you at the greater side and in the hall of success!

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