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Sometimes some of the things you need and are rightfully yours will not come to you cheaply. If you don’t increase your boldness you will find yourself crying for something that is yours and waiting for someone else who is hanging on to it and does not intend to release it.
The truth is that life is tough. Some people say whatever is good does not come cheap. Well, you need to note that one of the reasons good things don’t come cheap is because nobody holding unto good things, even when it is not theirs, wants to release it.
There are a few things you will know you have to beg for or appeal to people to get but there are those that belong to you. You have paid your dues. You have given the price and you must get those things.
I recently spoke with someone who said to me sometimes you have to be ruthless to get things. If you are not then you may never get anything. You will go to some offices and they will keep asking you to come back today and come back tomorrow. They have something they can easily give you but they will not.
I think its just the same thing that happens in some business premises. You will observe that someone is being cheated and if he does not have the boldness to speak up he gets cheated repeatedly and nothing will happen. But when another customer walks in and you try to cheat that one there will be trouble. Note that you have not even cheated the person but as soon as he suspects he is about to be cheated, he will shout and hold everyone to ransom until someone is embarrassed enough to make sure he gets the right treatment and other things he deserves.
Life stands still for those who can make a bold demand for what they want and not those who will go about begging for everything. I also remember the case of a man who said when you get into the police station and you ask to see the Divisional Police Officer, the junior police officers will start asking you some funny and irrelevant questions. But when you storm the place and speak with confidence demanding and not begging to see the same man, they will make sure you see him immediately if he is around.
Note that there are things or opportunities that belong to you and they will not come if people note that you will not confront them or be audacious enough to demand what is yours. The moment you become audacious they will naturally just bring to you what rightfully belongs to you.
Don’t let what is yours pass you by simply because you don’t want to step on toes. I am not asking you to go around being rude to people. But there are people who are callous and will want to sit on what belongs to you. You don’t have to be gentle with such people if not you will not get what belongs to you.
If you do not have the boldness to get what is yours, you better start working on it and do all things with wisdom. Sometimes when I am about to use the kind of audacity I am talking about, I always ensure I do things with wisdom so that I don’t get into trouble at the end of the day. I don’t do anything brashly so that at the end of the day, people can see that I fought a good fight.
Go and take what is yours … of course with some audacity! 
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