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There are too many people who are afraid to dream big or say big things about their future for a very simple reason. They cannot explain how they will move from their present situation to that big dream or imagination. Their thought channels have been clugged with the issues around them. Someone who is in debt is afraid to dream about becoming a millionaire because of his debt and the employee is afraid to dream about becoming an employer because of capital. You should know that it is not your present situation that matters but the situation that you envisage! You may not look like it yet but it is very possible to connect all those dreams in your heart no matter how big they are!
Have you ever thought about the chicken and the eggs? How does the egg become a chicken? I know those who are scientists will want to explain that but think again! What in the egg looks like the chicken when the egg is produced? Nothing! But despite the fact that the egg does not look like the chicken at first, there are some internal workings going on that will lead the egg to become a chicken! There will be some form of heat and once the egg stays under the heat, it is bound to crack later and the real chicken starts coming out!
You should not always wait to be able to explain every detail of your dream and how they will happen before you can dream big. It’s just like climbing a stairway. You may not see all the stairs at once but you take the first and then the second and the third until you have taken the last step! It’s also like when you are driving a car at night. You know where you are going and there’s a long stretch of road ahead of you. Your headlamp cannot see the entire road. It can probably help you see between a hundred and two hundred meters but as you keep moving you keep seeing more of the road.
Don’t just look at where you are now to conclude where you can get to or cannot get to. To determine your future just by where you are now is to be shortsighted! I have seen people who had nothing move from their nothingness to almost having it all! Some of them are people who used to live around me and I can still think about what these people looked like back then. I can also say that what they looked like then is nothing compared to what they look like now!
I know of a young man some years back who had one small old car and he was living with a group of friends. It was like four different people coming together to rent an apartment. You just can’t call him rich. Today, he is completely different. He has now built a duplex on the same street where he used to be a tenant. In place of the old rugged cars he now has new solid ones.
If you always try to figure out the possibility of the transition before dreaming about a big future, your dreaming will be limited. You will remain where you are for a long time still frustrated and struggling. You may not look like who you want to become yet but you can be that person!
Dream it, say it, believe it and act it!

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