You need to climb – Fola Daniel Adelesi

Where you are positioned determines who sees you and that also determines who you see. If you choose to stay on the ground floor of a house you are likely to see only those directly in front of you and when you turn you may see a few people behind or beside you. By the time you climb to the first floor of the house your new view gives you the opportunity to see more than what you were seeing. You are likely to see all the people you were seeing on the ground floor and at the same time would be seeing new people who are on the same floor with you. When you look to the right you are likely to see people in another building if a building is close to you. If there is no close building you will still see father than you used to see because you are now looking from an elevated point of view.
When what you desire in your life does not in any way correlate with the result that you have then you need to climb. When you climb to a new phase just like I explained, you will see new things. Your perspective will change and when your perspective changes you will have the privilege of meeting people who operate on the new level of frequency in perspective.
Those who remain at the base are often seen by those at the base with them. If you want to be seen by the right people then you need to climb to where the right people are. There was the interesting story of a young rich but short man in a town where a respectable young prophet was visiting. The young rich but short man wanted the prophet in his house at all cost but he knew there were too many people around the prophet and that his height would be a disadvantage so he climbed a tree. With the climbing, it was easy for the prophet to see him when he was passing by. He achieved his aim by climbing to a level where he not only sees the people he wants but where the people he wants can also see him.
If you are in business you will need to climb a new level in advertising, publicity and branding. If you are a pastor you will have to climb a new level in the way you run church without compromising standards. Make people look forward to the next church service not because church has become an entertainment centre but because you have succeeded in creating a thirst in the hearts of the people. If you are a teacher you will need to change your approach to teaching so that the people remember what you teach and remember you for what you taught. Many teachers in the world don’t make so much impact because the best they do is to teach the subject they want to teach. When the students graduate they forget the subject you taught them but they remember your name. Success in the teaching business is for the people to remember your teachings and then you.
More importantly, you need to climb a new level in the way you relate with people because people will be your most important assets. When you do not have anything you will be able to move on in life if you have the right people around you. Some of us need to change the people we relate with if we ever want to succeed because you don’t just succeed with just anybody. You will only succeed with forward looking people who have definite goals for their lives and are willing to help others make something out of their lives.

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