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People will always play important role in our lives and there’s no way we can do without other people. We need to get things done with other people or through other people on daily basis. There are things you cannot do that those other people can do. There things those other people can’t do that you can. This is why you can’t just say you don’t care who those other people are or what they think.
Life is such a small world as they say. You may think that you do not need some people and, for a long time, it may appear as though you truly do not need them. After a long time you just might find yourself in that situation where you need those same people you think that you do not need.
Many of us have said, in the past, that we don’t care what other people say about us. We don’t care what they think. They can go to wherever they want to go for all you care. You also say, ‘I don’t need people like you in my life!’ When someone begins to talk like that then you can tell that they are not thinking about the future. They are not reflecting on or may not have heard the experiences of other people in life.
There may be people who look like trash to you today. They may not look like people who can make any meaning out of their lives so you think you do not need them today. You should understand that sometimes, those people may not be the people that you need directly. They just might be in the position to determine your fate one day by either validating you or sharing past terrible experiences about you.
Don’t spoil the future for yourself by just cutting everybody off and telling them you don’t need them or even making them feel that they have no place in your life. Build relationships. Win people over to your side even when it looks like you don’t need them yet. Always remember that it is not all relationships you build for immediate benefit. You may build some for immediate benefit but others are for a longer term.
You may not have to keep everybody close. You don’t even have to. When I am talking about building relationships here I am talking about keeping a clean slate with as many people as you can. There are so many people I have known in the past and I never imagined that our paths will cross again! Some of them are people I didn’t even recognize so well but they know me so well and can identify me from any distance. I meet such people today in some organisations and they begin to treat me well. Just before I start wondering why I am getting the great treatment, they walk up to me and tell me where they met me and how they felt about me at the time they met me.
When you have people against you it can be disastrous for your future or your career. Please note that everybody will not like you as you already know. Having established that everybody will not like you, it is still very important that you remain in their good records because you might eventually win them over either with your good character or skills.
I remember that some years back, I won some people over to my side through visionary leadership. I was to take up a leadership position and some people clearly did not want me there. In fact, they tried to talk to other people to make sure they don’t let me get there. By the time I finished my tenure in office, one of those people came out publicly to say that he was one of those who didn’t like me from inception. But when he came out, he was out there to give some accolades. Another person like that walked up to me to tell me what he did against me. I was shocked but also happy that I eventually won them over.
If you say you don’t like someone because they also don’t like you, the person might just be your superior and be in a position to determine if you will move forward or stay on one spot in life. The others may just be people who can say one word to your helpers and you are either made or you are done for good.
Please don’t go about acting like you don’t need some people. You need them and they will always be important to you in one way or the other that may not be clear to you for now. Keep winning people over to your side and see how it can help you rise fast in life.     

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