You only have one life! | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

We should never lose sight of the fact that we only have one life to live and we must make the most of that life while we have it. There are too many people who live as if there is a first and second life for them to live and that this one is their first life so you can see them being so reckless and carefree about life. Nothing moves and nothing counts as far as they are concerned. Some others have never even thought about how to make that single life of theirs count for the people around them.
You’ve got to make your life count and make sure that this one life that you have is not only the type that will come and go just to be a part of the records of the population commission in your country. You have a serious task to make sure that you live for something and that your life makes a lot of sense for the people around you.
What exactly are you doing with your life right now? Are you just gallivanting all over and making a mess of yourself with alcohol and drugs? Is sex the only thing you ever talk and dream about even outside of your marriage for those who are married? How many opportunities have you thrown away because of your misplacement of priorities in life? When are you going to come back to your senses and realize that you have only one life to live and that you must make the most of that life of yours?
There are thousands of people around the world who cannot see, talk, walk, jump or move around as easily as you do and they would give anything they have just to be able to do that but you have the same chance that they long for and you are seriously taking it for granted! Has it ever occurred to you that your life can be gone in a few seconds and you will never get it back? Do you believe in the myth that nothing happens after we are dead? Do you just think that people die and people are born and life continues? Well I am so sorry to disappoint you because there is a time to be born, a time to die and also a time to give account of your life! If you have never given a serious thought to making your life count before now them you have an assignment before you and it’s as simple as making your life count first by identifying how you can be useful to yourself and then to the society.
Regardless of what happens or the situations around, one of the primary responsibilities that we have is to make sure we bring out the meaning in our lives and help others to find a meaning for their lives. The beauty of any life is to have a real impact on other lives of others while bearing in mind that we have just one life to live! You have only one life so make it count!

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