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There is something I call the unwanted motivation and that is what actually gets a lot of people to succeed in life. It is the unwanted motivation because when it shows up, it does not appear as something encouraging that can push you to achieve your dreams. You will always see it as something that wants to weigh you down or even destroy you completely.
In some of my teachings, I use the illustration of how the frog can actually adjust in hot water until it dies. It was said that when you throw the frog into a pot of hot water it will naturally jump out. But when you put the same frog into a cold pot of water and you gradually heat up the pot, the frog will adjust to the temperature until it dies.
Some of us as human beings do exact what those frogs do. We get into some messy situations and instead of finding the way out, we just begin to adjust and over time, it seems normal to us. You were not meant to adjust to just any situation.
You need that heat once in a while if you are going to ever make it in life. As human beings we occasionally find it easy to relax and become comfortable even when we have not gotten what we want. We keep saying to ourselves that we have tried. In fact, some people around you who may be mediocre will say to you that no one has done half of what you are doing whereas you have not done a quarter of what you are capable of doing.
I have seen that the heat can bring out the best in us. We don’t like it but it pushes us to do things that we naturally will not do. The end result is that we succeed much more than we can imagine. It’s like a situation where you ask a lady to jump over a five feet fence. That’s not tall but she will still tell you ‘how can you tell a lady to jump over a fence?’ Just picture what the same lady will do if a lion shows up before you finish telling her to jump. I guess she’ll forget she’s a lady in that moment.
Some people will never start their life saving and money spinning businesses until they are fired from their places of comfort. There are those whose best will just not come out so long as they have everything working for them. You will think that they will die if you take their comfort away but as soon as you take all the comfort and support system away, their best just begins to show up.
You and I probably know people who never became home owners until their landlords began to threaten that they would we thrown out of the house. Maybe it even happened to your parents or you. I have an uncle who could afford to build a comfortable house but he never did until his landlord decided that he wanted him out. He had his rent so it was not that he could not pay but somehow, for a bigger event to happen in your favour, something may happen right now that may not look good.
If you lost your job it probably means it’s time to start the multinational business hidden in you that you didn’t pay attention to. It is only when things begin to work out for us that we say, ‘now I know why that thing happened.’
The car you drive will not start without some heat. The nuzzle has to release some fuel over the plugs and the plugs must spark. When that happens, the battery releases the power it has already stored and the car starts. The situations of life are like the spark plugs. You are like the battery just releasing the power you already store in you and you recharge as you work.
If there is nothing inside store inside you, then the heat can burn you or kill you like the frog that adjusts until death. But if there is something in you, the heat can only bring out the best in you and spur you on to the next level. Are you going through any heat right now? Don’t run away from it. I think you need it for the best.
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