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Have you heard from people who say they don’t want much out of life? They just want to have a wife and two kids, give them proper education, have a nice little car, get country home or buy a house with a 10 year mortgage plan or more, retire at 60 and get pension for the rest of their lives. Is that what you are also planning to do?
If that is what you have on your mind then you have no idea what you were born to do at all. What you were born to do is far more important that just living a life that passes through this world. It’s far more than going to school, getting a good degree, a master’s degree and maybe a doctorate degree. Some of you just want to get a job and rise to the top of your career when you were born to become the President of your nation.
Life was prepared to offer you far much more than you are asking from life. While I understand what makes some people to settle for less, I don’t think it is acceptable and there is no reason you should settle for anything less than what you were born to do. Some people will say ‘I better be grateful for the little that I have. Some people don’t have any.’ Yes, you should be grateful but gratitude does not stop you from dreaming big. In fact, gratitude multiplies what you have.
You were born to do some great stuff. You were not born only to be noticed and remembered by just one generation. If only you will come into the fullness of what you were born to do, you will see that there is far more to you than all that you are doing right now.
There are those who are just comfortable with getting a good education but you were probably born to provide that great education. Some are okay with a good medical care but maybe you were born to build the best hospital in your country. Too many people are comfortable with just finding what to eat and being able to provide for their family. They also don’t understand that they were actually born to feed nations. I know I am born to feed nations even in the days when it seems I don’t have what to eat. My circumstance and your circumstances cannot change our purposes in life. The things we are going though can only change our purposes when we reduce ourselves to the present circumstances.
When you tell some people that they were born to feed nations they will ask you to forget it. Why? It is because their minds are still being ruled by the limitations of today. They are thinking about themselves as that person who barely gets what to eat in a day so how will I be able to feed a nation?
I have come across people looking for jobs and I can tell that these are people who are supposed to be job providers. They will not only provide jobs for some people, they will provide jobs for millions of people. Your mind may not be able to comprehend some of these things at the moment because of what you are going through. Don’t because of the present situation limit the possibilities of tomorrow.
Today may be gloomy and very hard. It does not mean that things will not turn around tomorrow. Don’t limit yourself in your mind. Your life is far more colourful than what it is right now. Even if you have a job it does not mean that you are at your best. You may have a great job that pays you well today but you are probably wired to be the owner of a conglomerate.
You should never stay with the little things that you have today. You have a very bright future and that future can only be attained if you don’t agree to settle with the little that you have right now.
I understand you have to be contented with what you have but there is no rule against dreaming bigger and aspiring for more in life. There is no rule that says you can’t work towards being greater in life.
Don’t build just one house and ever think that you have arrived. There are people who own an entire estate of hundreds of houses. You can definitely move from owning just one house to owning several houses and even a whole city.
Are you aspiring to be on television today? Are you aspiring to be on radio? Common! Dream bigger! Expand your mind because you were born to do great stuff. You can own that studio rather than just praying to be in that studio. You can run that television station. Maybe you are asking ‘how can you run a radio station? Isn’t that capital intensive?’ To start with, all you need in terms of space for a radio station is a room! Many of you will also be shocked to see that your room is bigger than the average radio studio that you listen to on daily basis. Then you may say ‘what about the cost of license and all the transmitters needed?’ You start from somewhere. Prepare your mind for it. Keep asking questions on how to do. Before you know it, you might have achieved it.
Please, I am really begging you, do not settle for mediocrity or some ‘comfortable life’ because you were born to do great stuff.  

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