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Sometimes when a few things around us that we are involved in seem to go wrong, we tend to become very discouraged and at some point begin to describe ourselves by the results we have gotten so far. Even though things may not have worked out as you planned or it just looks like nothing is working, it does not mean that you have failed or that you are a failure! I strongly believe that you were born to win and there is victory in you.
You should never doubt the fact that you can win if some other people have won before. If there is anything you want to do, usually your first consolation of the possibility of success is that some people have done it before and they have succeeded in that very thing. You are not different from those people who have succeeded in life and once there are people who have succeeded at something then you also can succeed at it.
I guess you might also be interested in the fact that there were a few different cases of success in life. Some of the people involved were people who had been referred to as very dull students in class or those who have been referred to as laid back by their colleagues in life. The interesting thing is that the so-called dull students or laid-back people did not only try to succeed but they tried to succeed in things that had never been done before. For some of them, they became the first people to do such things and you can easily think about inventions like the light bulb, Newton’s law of motion or even the law of gravity by which we have been able to achieve much more in life.
You may have tasted failure or poverty but it does not mean that you were destined to fail or destined to be poor! I remember the story of two young men that I was told years ago. The first young man was told that he needed not to work hard in order to become rich because he was already destined to be rich. It was all over his face that he would become wealthy. The second young man was told that there is nothing he could do to become wealthy since he was not destined to be rich. That sounded very discouraging for the second young man and he went home thinking about his life and future while the first young man went home rejoicing and thinking about how he would not need to work for the rest of his life and would still become rich.
Very many years after the sooth saying for these two young men, it was discovered that the first young man who was supposedly destined to be rich without having to work had become more wretched than he was before the sooth saying. When they saw the second young man who was never going to be rich because of what they claim was his destiny, he was a different man! He had worked very hard and had become very rich. He lived comfortably and was really happy.
I guess you can say from the story that it really does not matter what anyone thinks of you or your future. What really counts is what you think about yourself and I dare say that you were born to win. You should never accept anything less than success. Even if the success has not come you need to keep going after it in every way you can because that is all you deserve.
There is victory in you and you must never give up that victory! The only thing you need to do is to express that victory because you were indeed born to win so go on and win!
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