Your actions should have begun | Fola Daniel Adelesi

It’s day two of the year 2020 already and that means we’re more than 24 hours into the New Year. It was just moments ago that we all screamed and welcomed a New Year. The hope, excitement and new dreams about the possibilities of this New Year are not waiting to happen. They’re waiting for you. If you think you have time then you’re about to start slacking and eventually miss the point of a new beginning.
You’ve got act like there is no time. We’ve only blinked and 24 hours is gone already. December 31st currently looks like a long time away and then you blink only to realize it’s here. While I understand that some people are still resting before they launch fully into the year, I’m certain that actions should have begun on your goals.
I believe you set some goals. If you did, I hope you added timelines and actions. Well, there is no need to wait. Now is the perfect timing for the commencement of the goal. The Fresh energy you brought into the year needs to be poured into the goals. Don’t dissipate that energy half way into the year and start looking for how to make things work.
If you start early, you can discover what will work and what may not work. You have time to make adjustments and get back on track. Let’s even say you’re right that you have enough time to hit your set goals, how about you hit those goals and move on to other goals? What about finishing up with the goals for this year and even start out with the goals for next year?
You have no reason to wait. You should hit the ground running. Start making all the necessary calls right now. Send all the emails now. Send that whatsapp message or any other message that need to be sent. The earlier you begin the better.
It most likely that many of the people you need to relate with are people who are just trying to settle into work or their goals for the year. If you get to them now, you can quickly have them add you to their goals or plans for the year.
One thing that will help you get results anytime is to add a sense of urgency to the tasks that need to be done. Without a sense of urgency, you know those tasks are important but you’ll probably not get to the until they’re too late. Don’t wait till it’s too late before you take on those goals. Be hungry for results that the coach of a football club that’s about to be fired. Be hungry for results like players that want to win tournaments or awards at the end of the year or season.
Remeber there is need to prioritise your task. There are:
1. Important tasks
2. Urgent tasks
3. Emergency tasks.
When something is important but it is left undone, it becomes urgent. At the level of urgency if not taken care of, it can slide into an emergency.
One reason important tasks also slide into urgent or emergency tasks is the fact that people miss it on delegation or deciding what’s important enough to warrant your attention.
You’ve come into that year you were waiting for. Don’t miss the golden chance to start fresh, do it differently and get the needed results. Let the action begin!

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