Your backgrounds don’t determine your calling – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Your backgrounds dont determine your calling | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
When I remember the likes of Abraham, Moses, Prophet Samuel, King Saul, King David, Jeremiah, Apostles Peter and Paul, one of the main things that strike me is the fact that your calling is not determined by your background. Most of these people mentioned were people who had one issue or the other in the Bible and if God was a perfectionist there is no way any of these people would have been called. As it is, they were not only called, they became great despite their circumstances and seemingly limiting backgrounds. We have had the Bible for thousands of years and we still talk about these people who lived in the Bible times not for the backgrounds but for what the call and the anointing of God did in their lives.
To start with, Abraham was called at about the age of 75 but to me that says a lot. To be called at the age of 75 was not really the problem but I definitely have an issue with the fact that he was called out of his fathers house at 75! Hey! Whats a 75 year old man doing in his fathers house? In this present day and in some parts of the world you would hardly find a 21 year old in his parents house so it is a little unimaginable that, except for some kind of problems, a 75 year old would be in his fathers house until God called him! Despite this ridiculous situation, Abraham is still the father of faith and father of many nations.
Moses on the other hand was born at the time when children were being murdered not for a fact that they were abominations but for the fact that they were boys. It was a sin to be born as a boy when Moses was born and the decree at the time was that they were to be killed. The Nurses who delivered Moses from the mother had to start lying to the King that the mothers from the country of Moses were strong and were giving birth quickly. After birth he had to be hidden in a basket and floated on water for days or even weeks. As a grown up man he killed a stranger for his fellow country man and was accused by another the following day so at 40 he was a fugitive. Amazingly at 80 God called him to lead Israel out of Egypt. This man, who according to himself, stammers, wrote the first five books of the Bible by divine revelation.
Prophet Samuel was, according to the circumstances of his birth, the child of a woman who had been barren for years. Just a little while after birth, he was thrown into the prophets house to cope with some delinquent children of the prophet. King Saul was a man who saw himself as a small man from a tiny clan in the nation of Israel. When the Prophet gave him good news about his future his response showed that he did not believe in himself so much as to be the person the prophet was talking about at that time yet he became King. King David was just a serving shepherd boy when Gods favour shined on upon him. He was empowered to kill bear, lion and then Goliath. He had his weaknesses but was still greatly used as a King as is still referred to as the greatest king ever in the Bible. At the time a prophet was sent to his house even his father did not remember to present him as a potential king until God said the king is not yet around! Jeremiahs case was not with a prophet. He spoke directly to God and told God about his limitations but God said I am not going to change my mind now about the calling over your life. I knew you before you were formed and called you before you were given birth to. You had been called as a prophet before you were born and your circumstances will not change that. Apostle Peter was an ordinary fisher man but when the power of God came over him and he began to preach saying, this is that which was spoken by the Prophet Joel that in the last days he ended up converting 3000 souls in a single day! Apostle Paul was a murderer and persecutor of Christians but when Jesus caught up with him, he became one of the most passionate men God ever used and wrote the majority of the new testament with deep and undeniable revelations.
God had already decided on your calling before you were born and the circumstances around you now will not change that. As a matter of fact, some of the circumstances are because of the call of God over your life! Focus on the call and not your background!
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