Your birth was for a calling, not an accident – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Your birth was for a calling, not an accident Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
We all need to come to the understanding of the fact that our births are not accidental. They are for a calling. We may have been born when our parents did not expect us but that does not mean we are accidents. Only human beings can refer to us as accidents but we are not in the plans of God.
When the people of God where in bondage God had to arrange the birth of a baby called Moses. At the time the baby was born, there was an instruction from the King that all male babies under the age of two were to be killed but the calling of the baby was so strong that the God who called him made the provisions for his safety first by giving the mother wisdom and then by keeping the baby in the very house of the person who wanted him dead.
There was a time when the people of God had an old and dying prophet with sons who had not taking to the trainings their fathers profession or calling. There was no way God could have left his people without an intermediary at the but there was another woman who was called barren an needed a child. What God simply did was that he had to prepare a prophet for the nation that had a dying prophet but the prophet had to come through the womb of someone who was once barren. The mother promised to give this child back to God as soon as she was given the child. For this, Samuel was born to Hannah after Shiloh experience but the ultimate was that Gods plan to give a nation a prophet was being fulfilled. It was not just a child born to a barren woman.
At some point the blood of goats could be ransom for our lives and then families would simply kill goats and would have atonement for their sins. Later the blood of goats or animals did not work at all because in the first place you had to kill the animals on yearly basis for a renewal of the atonement. Gods plan was to have a permanent atonement so God had to come in form of person to this earth to give us a permanent atonement. Thats why Jesus, who was fully human and fully God, was born to Mary so that he could die for our sins and take away everything through the shed blood. Till today His blood still speaks for us.
You have seen a little about Moses, Samuel and Jesus in the last few paragraphs regarding why they were born. This is to tell you that your birth is not an accident! It was in preparation for a calling. Some people have been told by their parents that their births were not prepared for! They are the ones who did not prepare for your coming into this world but that is not the same for God!
Forget all the horrible stories you have been told about how, when and why you were born. Begin a search today, if you have not started, and do a reappraisal if you have already started, on why you were born. As I have always said to people, you were not born because the country needs to have an impressive population. You were born for a purpose. God had called you and so you had to be born, not because two people came together and had sex!

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