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A very intelligent person once said, a promise is as good as the character of the person who made the promise. If a promise was made by someone who is fifty percent good then it means that the promise is also fifty percent good and when the person is just twenty percent good then you can also say that the promise is only twenty percent good.
If only many people, especially the young ones can keep this in mind and operate with this mindset, they will have better relationships and also build better businesses. It may be so true that businesses are hit in a very hard way during economic depressions but there are some other values that help businesses apart from the availability of funds.
In some of the developed nations in today’s world, there’s a lot of emphasis placed on social capital and entrepreneurs are being encouraged on daily basis to pay attention to social capital and as well fund businesses from social capital. Over the years, some people have attempted to clarify the concept of social capital and it primarily boils down to trust, integrity, consistency of purpose and the belief in potentials.
The implication of this is that you may have an idea you want to fund and the only way you will get any funding for the idea is for you to be trusted or perceived as a person of integrity. If you have been placed under a close watch by different people for a period of time and they are convinced that you can be trusted then you are likely to get some funding for your business or you are like to have some other types of support that you need.
When you get started in the business and you deliver as you have always said you are going to deliver, you will be seen as a person of integrity and you will then be doing business on the basis on integrity. Many people are doing businesses based on the marketing they struggle to do and the network they strive very hard to create instead of just doing businesses based on integrity. When people know that you have integrity, you will always get more of the clients that other people are running after and business will move faster than you can imagine.
It is really unfortunate that too many people today just care about getting business done and making a lot of money from the business but never pay attention to how the business is done. They care less about the satisfaction of the people requesting the service and the pain they have gone through to get the money they are paying for the service. They just want to make money and look for the next person to do business with.
When you continue to do business this way, you will destroy your name and gradually pull down your own business. When you build a good name you can be so sure that your name will sell the business and at some point, just your name will be enough to get some good businesses for you. If you think you Don’t have time for that and you are just interested in money, you will also build a name that will destroy your business. When anybody accidentally mentions your name and talks about doing business with you, there just might be people you have deceived and cheated who will always stand against you in any area.
In all that you do, it is better to make little money and have your name intact than make so much money now but destroy your name. if you destroy your name today, that name will destroy your business tomorrow. Just bear it in mind when in any business transaction that your business is just as good as your name!
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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