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I have seen a number of people who have erroneously believed that the calling they received from God would have helped them out of their weaknesses but they have been so disappointed that the calling did not take away the weaknesses. Your calling will not automatically take away your weaknesses but you will, because of your calling, begin to work on your weaknesses so that they don’t destroy you and your calling.
When God calls a man it must be noted that God calls a man not because he is perfect or because he is the most righteous but sometimes because he simply has a sincere heart that God can work with. David had a sincere heart that God could work with but he still had his weaknesses. Jesus arrested the heart of Saul and he became Paul but somewhere along the line he admitted he was still doing the things he did not want to do.
When you receive a call you may be scared primarily because of some weaknesses that you have but if those weaknesses are taken away then you may have nothing to be scared about. If that is so then in one way, you may not be a complete leader. A complete leader is not the one perfect man who has no fault in any area of his life and has strength all the time for everything. When we read from Apostle Paul in the Bible he talked about a high priest who also has a feeling of our infirmities and he was talking about Jesus here. This means that He felt what we felt and went through the temptations that we went through but did not fall.
Here’s what you need to do with your weaknesses so that it does not get in the way of your calling:
1.) Never deny you have the weaknesses
2.) You are not to celebrate your weaknesses
3.) Develop yourself so much for the calling such that your weakness is not more obvious
4.) Secretly get help to turn your weaknesses into strength
5.) Always ask God for help
6.) Remember that the weaknesses you don’t work on will openly disgrace you!
Sometimes when God calls you and you seem to have some weaknesses in you, God is calling you because He wants to put you in the process of helping you with the weakness. For instance, anger may be your weakness and you have been called to lead. Because you cannot afford to be publicly angry all the time, the leadership position is to help you calm your anger. The true test of success in that position would then be that by the time you are rounding off in that office, you are no longer the angry man that took that position. God can also test you with money to help you work on your money weaknesses and you must learn the lessons from the scratch when just a group is watching and not a crowd. If you don’t work on it and let it degenerate then you will have a situation when a crowd is watching and that will amount to being disgraced.
Whatever your weaknesses are, they will not stop God from calling you but they can stop you from fulfilling destiny and totally working according to God’s call. Your weaknesses can also chase away the people that God has also sent to help you in your calling. Never celebrate your weaknesses but do not ignore them!
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