Your challenges are your testing ground | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Like every other phase you have been through in the past, this new phase is not going to be without challenges. Every year will come with its own challenges. When you see an opportunity, it will have challenges hidden somewhere in it. In all of these, the most important thing is for you to see beyond the challenges and get what the challenges have to offer you.
When we go through life without challenges, things usually seem good and so many people are happy about that. The problem, if you have been observant, is that in that period when you went through life without any serious challenges, you really didn’t make a significant progress. The last progress you made came after a major challenge that you faced.
We all have to change our attitudes toward challenges. While they may seem to bring us down and make things a little tough for us, we really need them to get to the next phase that we want to get into.
Challenges are the testing grounds that we all need to determine the next level we will be able to get into. Without challenges, some of us will not even know ourselves. We may never get to know the stuff we are made off. We probably will not see that greatness in us. One thing I have personally experienced is that after every challenging situation in my life, I get a very big idea. It’s as if the challenges force me to think more or that they squeeze the creative juices out of me.
I am sure you don’t know warriors until the warriors have gone through a battle at some point. It’s unlike these days when people become generals in the army without getting to the battle front. You may even find many generals in different parts of the world who will not be able to handle weapons properly, yet they are generals.
If you want to become a general in real life, there are testing grounds where your skills and the stuff you are made off will be tested. As soon as you have been tested and you excel during the test, you begin to see opportunities open up to you. In a number of cases, they will be opportunities you never imagined you can get. Things you have seen other people enjoy, and it looked like you will need a miracle to get one of such, will begin to come your way effortlessly.
Don’t ever pray away challenges like so many people do. And I must say that challenges, in some ways are different from life’s general troubles. I call issues challenges if you really need them to get to your next phase in life. And I call issues general troubles of life is the issue does not add any value to you after going through them.
Think of the challenges that you are going through right now. It will not be pleasant. That’s why you call them challenges but you can be sure that the result will be pleasant. All you have to do is to go through it carefully so that you can come out with the best the challenges have to offer you. Going through it carefully will mean that you are not in a hurry to get out of the situation. You see what brought the situation on you and the things happening while the challenges last. You also take away whatever lesson the challenges have to offer you.
Many go through life’s challenges in a hurry and don’t realize that those challenges have lessons to offer them. They end of missing those vital lessons and a few years later, they are back in the same challenges they used to have.
Be encouraged, as you go through your present challenges, by the fact that it is a testing ground and it will bring forth great things for you. So make the most of any challenging situation you find yourself in.  

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