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One of the things I have come to see in so many people today is that they seem to be having a Christian life that is patterned after another person’s Christian life. They do the things that that other person does and follow that person’s leading. Unfortunately, when that person makes mistakes and probably falls, they become so disappointed and even almost turn back from the Christian race. Some eventually turn back because of the fall of someone else they are looking up to, especially if the person is a leader.
Are you supposed to make your own Christian life tied to the Christian life of another person? Are you supposed to walk with God and work for God the way that other person is doing it alone? Should another person in the vineyard of God become the standard by which you walk with or worship your God?
I think that over time too many have become disappointed in the other Christians around them and because of that, they have turned back. A few others have refused to come to Christianity because of their supposed knowledge of the activities of some Christians right now or in their past.
I wrote in one of my recent articles that our Christian journey is a personal walk with God. While we may be looking unto others to provide some form of mentoring, we must constantly bear in mind that they are human, they can fall and they should never become our standard for righteous living.
Jesus is the only standard that we have and is the perfect standard for righteous living at any point in time. Mathew 5:48 says be ye therefore perfect as your father in heaven is perfect. It does not tell us to be perfect as the brother or sister next to us is perfect. We were not enjoined to walk with the Lord only as the other person does or so long as the other person does.
While the people we have been looking up to may have been the one whom God used to call us into the Christian race, it does not mean that we have to turn back because they have also turn back. Each person has received a personal call and according to the Bible, we must work worthy of our calling.
We are also to be ‘Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.’ (King James Version). That simply tells you that Jesus is the ultimate standard. That other brother or sister that you are looking up to is also looking up to Jesus or is supposed to be looking up to him. When you are looking up to Jesus, you don’t see the other people, especially in their weak forms. All you see is Jesus.
More importantly, if anyone falls around you, and you have been looking up to Jesus you will understand that they are human and you can become a part of helping them get back on their feet in their Christian journey. That will also strengthen you.
Maybe you should also know that there is room for overtaking in the Christian race just like in real life. There are those who will start ahead of you that you will eventually overtake. Some of those who have gone ahead of you will slow down. A few others will stop completely. Some of them will become inconsistent but no matter what happens to those other people, we should never slow down, become tired or even make attempt to stop the race until Jesus comes back for us.
At the end of the race, it is Jesus that will come back to take us home. He is the one who has said that there are many mansions in his father’s house and that if it were not so he would have told us. He made it clear that he went to prepare a place for us – you and I in heaven. He is coming back for a church – you and I – without blemish.
When Jesus comes, he will not ask you about who led you to Christ before taking you up as a saint when you have walked perfectly before him. No matter what others do, just follow Christ. So long as you keep looking at men you will keep seeing the acts of men and will see less of Jesus. Your Christianity should not and must not be determined by the life of other Christians. Follow God personally and not only through the life of others.  

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