Your destiny is in your hands! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

No matter how religious we become in matters relating to destiny, we will at some point accept the fact that God has done his part as far as our destinies are concerned and most of the work that is left would be determined by our own choices, actions and responses in life or to life!
I think that a nice way to explain this is to imagine that God has a programmed machine, maybe like a computer. Certain instructions like codes have been entered into the computer and what we try to send into the computer will determine the results that we get. Another way to think about it is the internet banking today. You cannot presume that the computer is a fool so you want to take advantage of the computer. You then decide to do internet banking in order to get about 1 million when you know that you don’t have up to that amount in your bank account. Regardless of the fact that your computer was not there when you gave your bankers 500, 000, you have to bear in mind the fact that your banker was smart enough to tell the computer how much you brought and are entitled to. The machine then takes that instruction and only permits you to transact when you are within the limit it has been told to cooperate with you. Once you try to exceed that limit, the machine will no longer cooperate with you and it will start telling you error!
In life, you have to remember that there are already written codes by which you as a person must operate. When you press the right button you get the right answers and when you press the wrong buttons you get the answers you don’t want. In order to get the right answers in life you must first know the codes that have been written about you and then begin to operate by those codes.
Your destiny is not in the hands of any man. Your destiny is in your hands. Most of the answers you will need are already waiting but you but the only way you can get those answers will be for you to press the right buttons. Les Brown, a famous American motivational speaker, said, ‘We must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams.
Don’t wait on others to do for you what you have to do in order to have a great life. You should not also claim that you are still waiting on God while God is really the one waiting on you! Stop saying that you would have had a better life if not for what happened to you. We know something went wrong at some point in your life! When you take a survey you will realize everyone can tell you how something also went wrong in their lives! All of these excuses are the wrong instructions you are entering into the programmed machine and you will keep getting error messages until you change the instructions you are entering.
Life is really good but it will only be good for you when you accept that it is in your hands to make it a good one and you step out to make the most of it. That will never happen when you blame everything on circumstance, luck and your lack of connection!
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