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If you believe in dreaming big and staying positive all the time as I do, you may have realized that when we first get an idea, we always think ‘this is good and big and people should accept it’ but when we make the necessary moves and people do not accept the idea then we become disappointed probably with ourselves and then the society that does not seem to appreciate worthy innovations.
From that moment we begin to ask questions that probably never came to our minds before. When you are watching television you see a lot of stuff that do not make any sense but the people doing it have a lot of financial benefits so you begin to wonder why your great ideas can’t just scale through and the foolish stuff you are seeing on TV remains popular. At other times you attend a programme and you realize that the organizers seem to have a lot of money coming from some big sponsors and you just think the programme must really be a great one and that’s why you wanted to sit in at all. When you finally get in there and the programme starts then you get so disappointed that you even thought it necessary to spend time in that kind of a place.
Over and over again when you think about the time wasted then something else pops up in your mind and it so disturbs you to begin to think about why people who are just fooling themselves about are getting so much attention and you are not. The first thing I can say to that is for you to recognize the fact that the society is no longer working with the values it used to work with. These are the times when it is easier to sell nudity than it is to sell a business idea in most places but I still see, from experiences, that the situation is not hopeless.
It is in this same society where the bad stuff seems to be making headway easily that some entrepreneurs are still building big businesses that they started from the scratch with little or no support. One thing we have to settle with is that our dreams will not sink in every place and it will not go down well with everyone we try to talk into. There are also levels for a dreamer and they are like:

Levels of ideas – how things work as you progress © Fola Daniel Adelesi
Stages What happens at each stage
1 Initiation Idea is new and you must make it work before anyone believes.
2 Acceptance People start supporting because it is now working.
3 Stability It has worked consistently so it now has a name.
4 Influence Your name is associated with the business and anything that now carries you name receives support.

Most people who are at the initiation stages get so frustrated and pull out of the whole process because they think that things will never work except they know someone and they have some money to make things work. They have great ideas and no one wants to support them. If you stay at it what you will find out is that people have their own doubts but if you have a great idea and you are committed to making it work, people will start having a rethink when it starts working and you may not have to beg their support.
In all of these your ultimate lesson will be that when you are equipped with a culture of excellence, it may take a while but the idea will definitely fly. Nobody has the capacity to ignore excellence and when they see it in you they will come for you. The right place for your dreams is the place of excellence. Excellence will make room for it and make it fly higher than you can think. Give it the right place today.
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