“Your effectiveness is an asset” – -Fola Daniel Adelesi

Effectiveness has been defined as doing the right thing while efficiency is defined as doing things right. It is one thing to do things right and it is another thing to do the right thing. It does not matter how well you do something because the fact is that you are only efficient and not effective if it is not the right thing that you are doing.


A lot of people have lived for so long and have worked tirelessly in several organizations but they soon become useless when they retire from those organizations because they did not pay attention to doing the right things. They were paying attention to doing things well. It is so important that we do things right but we must not just do things right because the right things need to be done.


You can smoke perfectly but smoking is not the right thing though you may do it well. You may be a sharpshooter but you have no justification for killing. These two illustrations, I believe, have explained efficiency and effectiveness to you.


How to be effective:


1.)    Make a list of your talents and skills.

2.)    Identify your passion.

3.)    Identify your weaknesses.

4.)    Focus on your strength.

5.)    Work on your weaknesses where you can but if you cannot, face your strength.

6.)    Channel your skills and talents towards your passion.

7.)    Identify a need in the society.

8.)    Think about a service you can render in order to meet the need.

9.)    Get acquired skills to refine your natural skills and talents.

10.)                        Take advantage of technology.

11.)                        Place a value on your passion – render a service in what you enjoy doing and get paid.

12.)                        Expand your service – to more people and more area.

13.)                        Duplicate your ability in others – when you expand the demand on you will be high so train people to do what you can do and still get paid because they are working for you.

14.)                        Keep searching for new things in your area of strengths.

15.)                        Remain persistently innovative.

16.)                        Prepare for a plateau and get ready to diversify.


If you cannot breakdown the meaning of all the points listed above, because they are in phase and are more real when you are in the situation, just keep the list where you can see it. I can tell you will know when it is time to move to another one.


Fola Daniel Adelesi.

Edible Pen.

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