Your flight is determined by your intake | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

There is a popular saying among the Yoruba speaking Nigerians which is literally translated as ‘whatever the bird eats is what aids the flight of the bird.’ If you are to give a literary interpretation to that, it will mean that your output in life is only determined by your input.
You cannot expect much more than what you have put in. when you put in a little you will only get a little. When you put in much then you can expect to get much out of life. If you intend to travel and you have very little fuel in your car, you don’t expect the car to move beyond the volume of fuel that it carries. You can tell the car ‘I haven’t gotten to my destination so you’ve got to keep moving.’
Once the fuel in the car is exhausted, there is absolutely nothing you can do to move the car an inch further. The only solution to keep the car moving is to refill the tank. And until you refill there can be no movement.
You need to take this as a life principle that only answers to other principles. It does not answer to your status as a human being or your position in government or anywhere else. Once you don’t have what is needed to move the car forward, the car remains grounded.
This is also true for us as individuals in life. If you want to fly high then you want have what it takes to fly high. You must daily load yourself with the resources required to soar in your field. If you refuse to load yourself daily, you will not go further than where you are right now.
Sometimes you may seem to be at top speed in life. While you are at top speed, you have to make provisions for a refill. If you don’t make provisions for a refill, you will suddenly realize that you are running out of fuel to fly and there is nowhere to refill.
What are you doing to ensure that your tank is fully loaded from time to time? Are you making any effort to develop yourself in life? Are you moving with and learning from those who can sharpen your mind?
You have to take this serious and not expect anything great out of life until you have completed the task of filling yourself up with what is required to go far in life. You know, even if you don’t drive a car, that the quantity of fuel in the car determines how far the car can go at a stretch. And a wise drive will not just drive without checking the gauge from time to time.
What is your life gauge telling you? Do you even know what your gauge in life is or are you ignoring it deliberate at the expense of your success in life?
You will not just say that you want to go far in life. That is so easy to say. You will work hard or work smart to prove that you really want to go far. You also have to prepare for life like someone who is embarking on a far journey as well.
When I look at many people in life today, they say they are going on a very far journey but their preparation is like that of someone going on a stroll.
I am sure you know what can happen if someone embarks on a journey that he is not adequately prepared for. He will go hungry for not adequately making provisions for what to eat. He will become weak for not preparing to refresh himself from time to time. He will not be able to complete the journey when he does not make provisions for resources to complete the journey. You know the many other things that can happen.
As from today, don’t go on with life as though you are going on a stroll when you are actually embarking on a far journey. What you eat is what will aid your flight. Your fuel level is what will determine how far you travel. Your preparation in life also determines how far you can go in life.

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