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Often times we feel inadequate and we think we cannot achieve what is ahead of us because of how inadequate we think we are. When we are given some responsibilities we look more at what is lacking in us rather than what we can still do. We often talk about the things we cannot do instead of looking at the help we can get. So, unconsciously, we limit ourselves with the talk about our inadequacy when it actually cannot limit us.
We are more powerful than those inadequacies we are talking about. They are not strong enough to limit us from achieving the things that we desire to achieve. We have only been limited because we allowed those inadequacies to limit us.
The extent of power that anything has over us is determined by how much power we have released unto that thing. if you have not been able to do anything that you desire to do, it is certainly not because of the inadequacy you are looking at. I can tell it’s either you are not ready to do it or it is something you were not meant to do at all.
Whatever it is that you were designed or wired to do, there is no inadequacy that can stop you except you let it get in the way. I need you to understand that the power within you is far more than the things around you. with the power within you it is possible to break obvious limits.
You are to focus on what’s inside you and not what is outside you. if all you see is limitations and inadequacies then you will see more of that. When you choose to see possibilities then you will see more of those possibilities.
I dare say that most of the people who have achieved something meaningful in life have, at one time or the other felt inadequate. They thought they were not the right person who should occupy a position or they should not be the one getting all the attention. They just begin to go through life with a sense of inadequacy.
If you will ever achieve much, it is very important that you do away with that feeling of inadequacy. Once that is out of the way there is no limit to what you can achieve. I must say to you that sometimes the thoughts of inadequacy will come to you but you are the one who will fight it off and remind yourself that whatever you set your mind to do can be done once your mind is on it.
Even in some cases where you have real inadequacies and you need to get something done, you can still do them. That’s why you have free associations and who can choose who to work with in order to get things done. That is why a sports man has a coach or people get mentors in their lives to help them with some goals or dreams.
You can also go and train yourself or learn a skill. If you think that you need a certain skill that you do not have yet, go and learn it rather than just saying I wish I had this skill. Those who want to get things done will look more at what can be done and not what has not been done or what cannot be done.
I want to dare you now. Try those things you have tried before, especially the ones you felt incompetent to handle. Do it this time with a different mind-set and see the results that will come with it. Your results will not be determined by your inadequacies but can be limited by your feelings of inadequacy.

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