Your job or your joy? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

When taking up a new job, one usually experiences a kind of joy. Sometimes, it is the forced type of joy. The conditions offered for the position may not be pleasant but following the talk about half bread being better than none, you gladly take the job and move on.
Desperation may have set in for some because they have been at home for several years. They had all the certificates but just couldn’t get a job. So when one finally comes their way, the conditions surrounding the jobs become irrelevant even if they are signing a death warrant in the place of an acceptance letter. A few people open their eyes and they see that they are walking into a prison but they still go ahead. They think that the prison of being at home may be worse when compared to the prison of being in a job that you are not too pleased with.
For some others, they just want something that takes them out of the home every morning. You can refer to their jobs as their escape route. It’s their escape from the very intimidating our annoying family member. Sometimes, the job is taken as an escape route from a spouse who talks down at them just because they contribute nothing to the family finance. I have also seen those who lock in to a job just to get away from some very nosy neighbours who know everything about the people in the neighbourhood who don’t have a job.
Their are tons of reasons people just want a job at all cost and many of them are unconnected to the pay that the jobs offer the applicants. I don’t dispute the fact that jobs are being sought just to that people can make money. I am simply saying their are tons of people who don’t need the money the job is offering them.
On the long run, many of these people have jobs that they do not need and they keep an employment that they are not happy about. I have seen several people in different organisations who don’t like their jobs but they just seem stuck in their. some others did not get into the job only to realise what they walked into. They knew what they were walking into before they got the job. That simply means they wanted the job over their joy.
Are you in a job that is taking your joy from you? Do you really want to do this job that you are doing or you are just doing it because you do not have a choice? Are there other things you could have considered? If you don’t like this job, why did you take it in the first place?
For all of us, our jobs provide what we eat and help pay our bills. When we are able to meet most of our basic obligations, we rejoice and we get more comfortable but the jobs that should give us this joy should not take our joy from us.
You are supposed to be happy and you really deserve to be happy. Many will tell you that they have realised that good jobs don’t make people happy. It is doing what they really want to do that makes them happy.
Now ask yourself a very important question. If you could determine everything that will happen to you in life, what kind of life will you predetermine for yourself? What job will you be doing to get that kind of life? What business will you be running to get your desired life?
Temporarily, it may be hard to say you will not bow to pressure from family, friends, spouses and obligations that force you into taking unpleasant jobs. When you refuse these unpleasant jobs and focus on the thing you really want, work hard at it while seeking counsel to make it better, you eventually get the joy that you deserve.
May I remind you that several people in some crazy jobs are admiring others out there. Those others out there are also admiring several people in those crazy jobs.
I cannot tell you what to do but i will say it is very important to do what makes you happy and be very happy in what you do so that you can get the best of yourself and give the best of yourself to the world.

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