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Very many people expect to have a beautiful life which is a beautiful thing to desire but the challenge with them is that they always think about the beautiful life as something some other people will have to create for them and not what they can create for themselves! They think they don’t have money, influence, connection, power and platforms that can help them get a great or beautiful life! When you know how life works then you will realize that there is no one who currently enjoys a truly beautiful life that did not think about it and consistently hold such thoughts in their minds for a long time while taking actions that could lead to the life the dreamt about!
In simple terms, it’s not what someone can make happen for you that you will have as a life! It is what you can make happen for yourself in your dreams and imaginations that will determine if you will have a beautiful life! The beauty of your life will be absolutely dependent on the imaginations of your mind! Your life is in your mind because it is the power house of your life and only the things that are brewed in your mind can become your reality!
It is not such a difficult task to imagine a beautiful life but I must be quick to let you know that get a great life will not only be about your imagination! When you begin to imagine it you will have to start asking questions about what you will do to get to that life you are envisaging! You have to answer questions on the solutions you are willing to provide for the society that the society will then pay for that will get you to where you are going in life.
There are people who dreamt about having something and nothing happened so they always conclude that it never pays to dream and that it’s just a mirage! They dreamt about good things and nothing happened simply because they did not do anything after waking up from the dreams! You have to dream about a good life and wake up from the dream to do something about the dream!
I believe you can have a good life based on what you imagine! There will be challenges on the way to that life that you imagine and at some point it may even look like it will never happen but you should not be discouraged because if you keep your focus on the life and make sure you consistently offer solutions to the public, you will get to that life that you have imagined!
Go and get a good life by dream, imagining and acting upon it!
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