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Some years back I was listening to a preacher who said something very significant. I see a great connection between that statement and realizing the fact that what is in your mind is what will become your reality. The preachers expression was If you want something in reality, just keep it in your mind for a while. Its only a matter of time before it moves from your mind to your life.
Many people are filled with thoughts that do not align with the future they want to see. They are thinking about one thing and they want something else. That is a huge contradiction and life respects what your mind dwells on rather than other things you are just wishing for.
Do you know that if you want to get anything in life, one of the best ways to get them is to make sure that your mind aligns with your mouth? Make sure what you are thinking is what you are saying and once you can do that you will be able to get the needed results.
What you have on your mind today is what will determine your life tomorrow. If you do not like your present life then you need to check what you were thinking about yesterday. It could be that what you talked about was different from what you kept in your mind.
If you want a beautiful life you have to envisage that beautiful life and create vivid pictures in your mind. Once you can achieve that in your mind and begin to work towards it, your life will soon align with what is in your mind.
There are those who are just roaming the streets and working very hard. They are hoping that one day everything will turn out well but they have nothing specific in mind. There is no clear picture of what they want their lives to be. They just think that they can work hard and very soon the hard work will pay off.
While it is true that hard work will eventually pay off, you may just realize at some point that you have worked so hard but for no direction. So you work hard but you still don’t see what you want in life because you really did not set out with any picture in mind. If you set out with a picture in mind it will just align with your hard work and you can see what you are working for.
One great thing you have to do is to unclog your mind. Make sure your remove as much as you can all the dirty thoughts in it. Take away all the negative thoughts in it. Delete all generational limitations that have been saved on your mind. Those images of how far your parents went which are not telling you how far you can go must be completely trashed.
Take new things into your mind and treat your mind very carefully. Don’t let anyone abuse it by your trying to save on it anything they like. In other words, choose who you pay attention to because everyone who gets a chance to talk to you has an opportunity to save something on your mind.
Choose carefully what you save on that mind which will then help you go in the direction that you want in life. Always remember that your mind today is your life tomorrow. 
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