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When you look around you it is possible that you will see so many needs that you don’t understand how you are going to meet all of those needs. You may be weighed down by those needs because they just seem too many. Somewhere along the line you summon the courage to talk to Him (Jesus) about your needs then he gives you an assignment. I think this is one of the major differences between a baby Christian and a mature one.
When the baby Christian cries to God, the need is immediately supplied. But when the mature Christian cries to God, He wants you to see that His assignment for you can take care of all those needs you are crying for.
Several months back we were in a serious situation so we started praying and also talking to some pastors about it. After a while my wife went to see a pastor and the only thing the pastor said was, ‘just go and serve God faithfully for the next three months and see what God will do.’
At another time we need a number of things. Those things were not luxury items in any form. We were praying about them and waiting for things to happen while still serving in God’s vineyard faithfully. One day after church, I came back home to tell my wife about the increased assignments I have been getting in the vineyard. Her natural reaction was, ‘don’t they understand what we are going through?’
It does not seem like the right time to get more assignments but before I told my wife about the new assignments, I had heard the Holy Spirit saying to me, ‘seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you.’ For the first time I saw that verse in a different dimension from just quoting the literal meaning.
I saw how you can be in need and God gives you an assignment not because He is a wicked God or that He does not see the need. Jesus himself said your heavenly father knows that you have need of those things. So you may ask, ‘why doesn’t he just provide them since he knows we need these things?
What I have discovered is that when God gives you an assignment, he will give you enough provision for the assignment and the provision will also cover much more than what you think you need in your personal life.
The mistake some people are making is that they are waiting for the need to be met before they take God’s assignment. They are ignorance of the fact that God’s provision will only be released to those who yield to his calling. So if you are waiting for God to bless you before you respond to the assignment he has given you, you may wait forever because his provisions will never come.
More importantly, you should not just respond to the call of his or his assignment for you just because of the provisions that will eventually come with it. The provision is secondary compared to the rewards you will get in heaven. The more important thing is that when you are a part of God’s assignment, you are a part of the expansion project for the kingdom of God. You are contributing to the salvation of souls that heaven is so much happy about and you have crowns waiting for you in heaven.
Your greatest reward is not that your needs are met here on earth but that you receive eternal life. However, without sounding too spiritual without substance, I can certainly say that there is no need in your life at the moment that God’s assignment for you cannot adequately take care off.
You go and take care of God’s assignment and watch him take care of your needs.

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