Your network is your net that is working | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Your network is your net that is working | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
A number of people are trying really hard to have a network that will get them to where they are going in life but unfortunately their current network seems to be taking them father from their dreams and probably deeper into some kind of mess!
It is not enough to just have a network you must carefully build a network and I have said a number of times that your network is the net that is working. When you take a close look at the spider you will realize it has a web thats spread over different places and thats the reason the spider can move freely to different parts of the web. When a spider has just one thin line of thread then the spider is restricted and can only move up and down on that thin line.
Every man with a poor network or a net that is not working is like the spider on a thin line. When you start out it looks like you have somewhere going but you soon realize that you have exhausted all that the thin line has to offer you! If you have a broader network of people then you will realize thats its easy to move around from one to the other doing different things with them and its going to take a while before you come back to one person that you have met before! I also need to quickly say that it is not just about having a broad network of people because you may have so many people who are not relevant to you so heres how to ensure you have a net that is working:
1.Look out for those in a field relevant to yours
2.Consider their proficiency
3.Ask yourself if they have platforms you can leverage on
4.Do not neglect their integrity
5.Check if you can easily relate with them to avoid troubles
6.Observe how they do what they do
7.Think about what you can contribute before initiating a relationship
8.Ask to partner with them and offer what you can contribute
9.Always remember its easier to strike a relationship when both parties have benefits
10.When you get a platform and offer nothing for it you will soon lose it.
11.If it is a business network you should not mix it with your social life
12.When you mix business and your social life you may lose your negotiating powers
13.You must grow the relationship and be sure not to put anyone under pressure.
The things listed above really look simple but when you check any network that is not working
you will realize that some of these simple things are the things not allowing those networks to work as expected.
It is import to keep all these in mind and when you meet new people for a serious networking purpose you must constantly ask yourself what you are bringing to the table. In some situations what you are bringing to the table may not exactly match the value you are getting from it but you must ensure you still keep proving it. With time I expect that you will have the capacity to offer more as the relationship improves your life and empowers you.
I challenge you to build more strategic networks but ensure that your network is a net that is working!
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