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It is obvious that one of the reasons people imitate others is because they think those other people have a better plan or a better life. That explains the situation in my article titled tracing your own graph. If you appreciate what your own life really is and what the plan for your life will turn out to be, you will see that you do not need to imitate anyone to have a great life plan.
If you have the same life plan as another person around you, either you or that person is not necessary. You are distinct. You are different and there is a reason you had to be different from every other person. It is when you understand the need for you to be different that you will appreciate your uniqueness.
As soon as you begin to imitate other people, you defeat the very purpose for which you were designed or wired or created. Don’t think that the plan given to someone else is great and it is even looks greater than yours.
Your own given plan is perfect. Just do what you were wired to do. That is the only time you can also be celebrated. If you try to fit into another person’s plan you lose honour and you will also not be celebrated. You would have moved out of purpose and can no longer be relevant.
When a car tries to function like a truck it runs into trouble. A car cannot carry exactly what a truck can carry because one was designed to carry human beings and the other was designed to carry loads.
Don’t look too often at the other people. It is when you look at the other people and begin to see their own plans as better plans compared to yours that you also begin to devalue the plan you were given.
Remember that one plan may look glamourous while the other may not. At the end of the day, it does not mean that the glamourous plan is better than the one that does not look glamourous. If you a like a tyre in a car, play your role as a tyre. If you are the battery of the car, don’t try to switch to the position of the spark plug. You have different roles in life and all your efforts put together make it easy for the car to move on. So your effort and the efforts of those other people that you admire make life a better place.
Rather than trying so hard to appear as other people do, just try so hard to do what you are supposed to do. I also think it is important for you to note that when you are being celebrated for doing the wrong thing, those celebrating you may be unconsciously deceiving you. If you also get caught up in the middle of the celebrating and don’t pull out, you are heading towards your destruction.   
What’s the gain of an athlete running fast on the wrong lane and in the wrong direction? He knows he’s on the wrong lane but he’s also hoping that if he gets to the finish line first he will be rewarded! You and I know that he’s just wasting his time and he is also hoping for what will never happen. That’s the situation with someone who thinks that the plan for another person’s life is great and decides to follow that plan rather than his own plan.
Please do another check and be sure that you are actually running with your own plan, running your own race and doing your own thing rather than the plans for others.

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