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Job related inferiority complex is a serious issue in today’s world and one of the major contributing factors is the amount that people earn. There are so many people today who seem to have lost their confidence not for any other thing but the fact that they earn so little. They don’t seem to be able to achieve much because of their low pay and when you hear them talk you can tell that the confidence level has dropped while the inferiority has greatly increased.
It is possible that what you are earning today will not fetch you so much or you may not be able to get all the best of cloths, live in large houses, ride in luxury cars and walk around with the latest devices. The more important thing is that you have a way to earn a decent income. Sometimes you need to think about the fact that some people are out there who still do not have any job and will be glad to have your own job regardless of how low you think the pay is.
When you keep your confidence high regardless of the pay that you are earning at the moment, it means that your focus is not on the current pay but on your potentials and ability to earn much more. That is why I always encourage people to make sure that they develop themselves and can earn income from different sources. I like the fact that some people are low income earners but they are very hard working. They will not sit down and just hope they will get better jobs with big salaries. Some of them do two or three jobs to earn more. There are those who also do one job while running a small business as well. Your confidence level has a chance to increase when you know that you can report for work on daily basis and you don’t feel threatened by anyone. You are not constantly working under the fear that all those bossing you around can sack you or make sure that you lose your job. You can go to work knowing that you have some other forms of investments or at least other people can place a demand on other skills that you have and you can be paid.
My focus is not on why your low pay may contribute to having inferiority complex. What I want you and I to achieve is to look at how you can be more confident why you still keep that job with the low pay. I think that the first thing you have to do is to start asking what you can do with the very low pay that you get today. Think about how to multiply your income. What other businesses can you do? Or what other skill can you acquire that will help you earn more. Think on these things and work on them. You will realize that as soon as you begin to earn more from other sources, your confidence will begin to increase. When other people are talking you will also be able to talk because you are not intimidated by the things they can afford that you cannot afford. You now know that it’s only a matter of time before you are also able to get all those basic things that you need.
You may be the boss in your organization and you have people who seem to have inferiority comeplex. Check out how much they are earning. They may not be earning much and that may be one of the reasons they are not getting along. If you are in a position to increase their pay to encourage them, I think you should do it. However, they must merit the increase that they are getting. They must show signs of commitment to the work and the goals of the organization. I am totally in support of a pay raise for people if it is going to boost their confidence. That is also because you really need the confidence in all your staff to get things done.
If you have friends who seem to always keep to themselves because of their inferiority complex, try and get closer to see what the problem is. If it is about being a low income earner, please advise them following some of the things I have shared here so that they can multiply their income and then become confident.
Never let your low pay burst your ego. Increase your confidence and go about your job without stress. If the issue is money, spread your skills and earn more!

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