Your place of rest is your place of calling – Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

Your place of rest is your place of calling | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc
I have seen a lot of people who are struggling in life and they desire to have rest but unfortunately they are not in their places of calling. There is no such thing as a resting place if you are not within the confines of your calling. If you have to stop struggling then you must, without hesitation, remember that you have a calling and run back to that calling.
A prodigal son or daughter is not only the one who spends money lavishly and does not remember to plan. You are a prodigal son or daughter if you have a calling and you are not in your place of calling yet God is still providing for you! From the day you were born everything that you got was for the ultimate vision that you were supposed to fulfill in life. I will talk more about this in another series on calling.
Dont ever expect to get any rest if you have not made up your mind about settling with the assignment of God for your life. When God gives you an assignment you are bound to have rest when you begin the assignment. When you do things they will work. When you talk people will listen to you. You will realize that you dont struggle for attention. I was in a hotel room one day in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria during an international youth conference and I said to the young man standing next to me, I realize I do not struggle for attention! that conference was supposed to last only one week and the people there were people I had never met before but before the conference concluded I had become so famous among the people and some of them had started meeting with me and asking me to come and speak if they invite me to their organizations. The following year when I went back I was appointed the leader of the organization! All I did was to make use of the heavenly gift that I was carrying.
Whenever you use the heavenly deposit inside of you for the purpose that it was given, it will in turn give you rest. When you are outside of the plan for your calling you will spend years trying to do what you can accomplish within months. You see yourself having problems with your teams all the time when you want to build a team. Outside of the place of rest, solutions look farfetched and wisdom looks like something that is out of this world and can never be accessed.
I have been in some places where some people say they have been thinking about something for a long time. When I get there they ask me what I think and I provide my answers within a short time frame and they are amazed at the answers I give. Sometimes they say, its as if you knew exactly what we wanted. At other times they say, do you know we never thought along this line? A number of times I hear, thats a valid contribution. When you hear that it implies there are contributions that are not valid!
The reason your place of rest is your place of calling is because you naturally receive direction from the one who called you and you know what to do per time so you do not lack wisdom! You do a little and you get so much in return! When Peter fished on his own he caught nothing but when Jesus called him and told him what to do, he needed help to carry what he caught!
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