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Then the king said, “What honor or dignity has been bestowed on Mordecai for this?” And the king’s servants who attended him said, “Nothing has been done for him.” ~ Esther 6:3 NKJV
One of the ways a man can begin to enjoy sufficiency from the all sufficient God is when God visits the records of a man’s good works.
In the book of Esther, for those who have been reading the Bible very well, we were told how Mordecai had been sitting at the gate of the palace and how poor he was. You can simply say he was a nobody in that land.
This is despite the fact that he had saved the life of the king from men who plotted to kill him. He had also helped his nice to become the queen of the land but nothing had been done for him as a reward for his efforts.
Why is it that nothing was done for a man who has saved the King’s life? It would have been a different thing if there was no record for it or if the servant did not know about it. I don’t think it was written in the book that nothing has been done for him. But people, including the servants in the King’s court, knew that nothing had been done for him and nobody said anything.
It could be that you have been working and people have been noticing your good works but there is still no reward. You have been discouraged all along because some people have also mocked you for your good works. They have asked you questions about why you have remained in good works even though you have nothing to show for the good works.
The only thing you need is for the all sufficient God to visit those good works once! Are you a worker in the vineyard who works tirelessly to serve God? Are you still having issues or still lacking so many good things that you desire? When the all sufficient God visits you, there will be a huge turnaround for you just like it happened to Mordecai.
Sometimes you even want to wonder why Mordecai was not immediately compensated for his effort in those days. I may not know why but it is possible that if he had been compensated immediately he would have gotten something really small. He could have gotten something he would soon forget about.
When rewards come in God’s divinely preordained time, you will not be able to measure the impact of that result. In the case of Mordecai, an ordinary gate keeper got the privilege to ride on the King’s horse and also started sitting in the palace and not at the gate anymore.
As a child of God, you have stayed long enough at the gate of the palace. It is time for you to be brought into the palace. I pray that all your good works that seem to have been forgotten or that you have also forgotten will be revisited. As those works are being revisited, you will, as a reward, begin to experience the all sufficient God.
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