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Your responsibility in awakening the giant within you is sequel to my last post titled ‘Awakening the giants within you.’ It will sound very nice to the ears for you to hear that you can become great but it may not be helpful when you are not told your responsibility. I have never been the kind of speaker or writer who does not balance up expected benefits with the compulsory actions that you have to take for these benefits to surface.
When you have done all that you need to do then you can expect the greatness or giant within you to surface. It may not come as you probably fantasize about but it can hit you sometimes in the middle of your responsibility that you have become what you imagined!
What are those things that you need to do in order for you to awaken the giants within you? There are a number of them and the ones I have discovered include:
1. Get in the word. I don’t know if anyone can truly talk to you about greatness without referring you to the word. If they have said anything to you without the word as part of the needed tools, there’s a missing link. If you also don’t like to hear the word, you might get some fame and fortune but not real greatness. 2 Corinthians 3:18 talks about how we become more like God. It uses the illustration of constantly looking into a mirror and becoming what we see. God himself is His word and His word is greatness. That word mirrors our lives back to us. It shows us what to become and we transform into it as we look more into that word. Simply put, it brings out the greatness in us!
2. Study hard. There is no way you can become great without studying hard. We have to be studious with one thing and in one field. This idea is also backed up in the Bible from 2 Timothy 2: 15 where it says study to show thyself approved unto God; a work man that needs not to be ashamed: rightly diving the word of truth. – Hard word makes you acceptable to God. Studying hard takes shame away.
3. Be tenaciously consistent. It is not enough to be consistent. I say you should be tenaciously consistent. Keep at it even when it does not look like you will ever become great. Others may think you are fooling around but stay with it. You may have been mocked but you know deep within you that greatness is around the corner so you keep going.
4. Walk in the company of giants. By now you should have heard that he who walks with the wise shall become wise but a companion of fools shall be destroyed. If you want to become great you should be found in the company of great men or giants. Their greatness can robb off on you
There is something that happens when your greatness is unleashed. What happens when the giant is awakened? Some of those things that can happen are:
1. You become limitless regardless of: 1. Background. 2. Challenges or obstacles. 3. Environments.
2. When you are limitless exploits begin.
3 God is glorified – Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.
4. Men are impacted positively. The giants within others are awakened. You would have given others the permission to shine just by letting your own light shine!
5. Generations are delivered. Your awakening can break a generational limit or stagnation
6. Countries are turned around. Only five great industrialists turned America around!
I will really love to see that you become great but remember this about giants:
1. Giants have rules to live by.
2. It’s usually very small weaknesses that kill giants
3. Giants can last when they are humble and despise no one or nothing.
Go and become the giant that you are! Awaken that giant within you and let us see the greatness that you are loaded with!

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